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What are the Pokemon Unite Shiny League Emerald Events?

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The Pokemon Unite Shiny League presented by YouTuber, Daniel “aDrive” Clap and is already one month into the season. All formed teams which can be made at any time are competing with each other across 20+ regular season tournaments in an attempt to make the $10,000 playoff bracket in January. Among these tournaments are the four Pokemon Unite Emerald Events. Some Shiny League viewers may not know the importance of these events. But not to worry, this explanation will help clear up any confusion.

Tournament Type

emerald events


The first thing to note is that Emerald Events are quite special. These monthly premier events offer tons of league points. The more points a team has, the higher they climb in the overall standings. The Shiny League consists of mostly community-made events but the Emerald Events are an exception.

These monthly events are official league tournaments and the prizes remain the same regardless of the number of entries. Due to their rarity and value, they end up seeing the most participation by far. The October and November events had a combined 148 participants. And as more teams get desperate to qualify for the playoffs, that number could greatly increase.


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As for why Emerald Events are so special, they offer the most league points by far. Each tournament offers points. Everyone gets a least some for participating. But the higher a team finishes in a tournament, the more points they’ll earn.

Emerald Events offer up to 750 points for first place. However, even just reaching the top seven earns 100. And as it currently stands, 200 points puts one in contention for the top 16. The top 16 teams in the overall standings at the end of January get to compete in the playoffs.

Realistically, one strong showing in an Emerald Event plus one other tournament could be all a team needs to make the playoffs. Take the winner of the November tournament, Bad Macro Flip Bird. The November Emerald Event was their first tournament as a team and they won the entire thing. As a result, they immediately skyrocketed to fifth place in the standings.

Not only that, but they likely already have a playoff spot locked up. The importance of doing well in Emerald Events cannot be stressed enough. With there still being two of them left to go, it’s now or never for a lot of playoff hopefuls.

Potential Earnings

emerald events

As seen by the screenshot above, the Emerald Premier Events are quite valuable. Just a decent showing could be enough to punch a playoff ticket. ADrive’s Team Shiny has earned 170 points just for two top 10 finishes. Even if they didn’t compete in any other tournaments, they would still be in the hunt for a playoff spot.

Along with that, these events offer the highest regular season cash prizes. The Emerald Events provide the best of everything which is why everyone is so attracted to them. They truly are massive due to their immense value.


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Image: the Pokemon Company

If one is looking to get into spectating Pokemon Unite competitively, look no further than the Emerald Events. Some top teams choose to exclusively compete in them. These monthly tournaments offer the best chance to see some of the top players in the world clash. A bunch of the teams from the overall standings have already engaged in some epic battles against one another.

There have been multiple twists and turns and the outcome often feels unpredictable. On top of that, the Emerald Events have provided some of the best matches in the game’s short competitive history. Buzzer beaters, comebacks and long sets are among some of the few great moments that have been caught in real-time.

The Next Emerald Event

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The next Shiny League Emerald Event takes place on Saturday, December 11. It will be the third of four Emerald Events over the span of the season. If the previous two are any sort of indicator, the best of the best will come out to compete once again.

Watching the event itself is a bit complicated. There is no official channel with commentators. However, multiple players from top teams tend to stream their gameplay. It can be easy to watch from the perspective of multiple teams by simply checking out the Pokemon Unite section of Twitch. And of course, aDrive will stream from his perspective on Twitch as he does with every tournament.

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