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Pokemon Pokemon Unite

Super Item Enhancers Pokemon Unite

Super Item Enhancers

Pokémon Unite introduced Super Item Enhancers, acquired by reaching levels 10, 12, and 14. Limited to 3 per player, they are impossible to get outside of the event. These incredibly beneficial items provide an instant level 1 to 30 upgrade for any held item. Such an upgrade would otherwise require a massive time commitment or immense microtransactions.

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Super Item Enhancers
Super Item Enhancers

The Super Item Enhancers are perfect for both novices and veterans alike. Upgrading a previously upgraded item compensates the previous item enhancers. In other words, there is no loss in upgrading a grade 20 item to 30. All the currency players used to reach grade 20 will be compensated.  The game automatically calculates the difference. Do not worry, other members of the community have already tested the item’s functionality.

This addresses the pay-to-win formula that plagued Pokémon Unite. By providing such a lucrative event reward, the Unite developers directly communicate with the player base. Super Item Enhancers display the developers listening to the community’s concerns. Of course, Unite still has microtransactions. But the biggest, most gameplay related pay to win factor has been mitigated.

Be careful not to waste the enhancers on a poorly optimized held items.

7-Day Max-Grade Trial Cards

Understanding this concern, Pokémon Unite also offers 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Cards. These allow players to run a week long trial of a fully upgraded item. Limited to three per play, the trial provides knowledge and experience necessary before investing the Super Item Enhancers.

Pokemon Unite Review
7-Day Max-Grade Trial Cards

Pokémon Unite added three new held items as well. With so much information to go through, choosing a great held item to invest the Super Item Enhancers can be overwhelming. Make sure to look through the best itemization options for specific Pokémon before using the invaluable items.

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