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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Zeraora Build: The Yellow Flash

Pokemon Unite Zeraora Build

Welcome Trainers! Pokemon Unite has been blasting off to the hemisphere this week ever since it has been released. Among the top Pokemon is Zeraora who can be received for free in the in-game mail system. The Pokemon prioritizes mobility and burst before anything else. Here is a Pokemon Unite Zeraora Build that should help players destroy the enemy.

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Zeraora the Broken

Zeraora is seen primarily in the jungle. The best part about being in the jungle is the ability to traverse between lanes to help push early dunks. Zeraora is stronger than most Pokemon at level 3 with the exception of Snorlax and a few others.

His Slash attack jumps to the enemy and knocks them up, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by fellow allies. Combined with his dash this ability is great for catching out long-range pokemon in the early game. Even slowpoke can be burst down at this stage.

However, his power spike does not last long. Because pokemon start to evolve at level 5, Zeraora needs to wait till his next power spike at level 8 to become a serious contender again. At level 8 Expert Zeraora players will use Discharge for massive AOE damage. This combined with his final power spike at level 10 makes him a threat in team fights. Zeraora’s ultimate launches a heat-seeking lighting bot that bursts down enemies in a matter of seconds.


Float Stone

Extra Speed and Attack damage. The bonus movement speed is a must-have in this game.

Scope Lens

Extra crit damage and crit chance. The extra damage makes taking out Pokemon easier.

Score Shield

Extra health and makes dunking easier. A must-have item on heavy-scoring Pokemon.


His ability, Spark, allows for Zeraora to gain three jumps that increase his next basic attack. This type of brawler is perfect for the meta of Pokemon Unite, where speed can make the difference between scoring an extra 20 points and not making the dunk. The electric jumper does not just make points, his great mobility allows him to explore the map safely while helping teammates along the way.

This ability synergizes with Discharge to dish out a ton of damage in a short burst. Discharge has a wide radius and can take out multiple Pokemon in camps quickly and effectively. Discharge scales to physical damage so items like Float Stone increase its damage.

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