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Pokemon Unite Zapdos Guide: How and When to Take It

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Hiya trainers, it is that time of the week again. As any UNITE player knows, Zapdos is an incredibly important part of the game. This electric bird can either turn the tides for the losing team or, seal the fate of the victors. However, claiming the kill for Zapdos is a chaotic mess for those do not know how to do it. This Pokemon UNITE Zapdos guide will show players how get more consistent results in their favor when trying to secure their wins.

Three Approaches to Handling Zapdos

There are three situations that teams will find themselves in once Zapdos spawns.

A. A team is behind and needs to come back

The purple team starts the game off well and it goes to pot later on. All their teammates leave a lane unguarded, the enemy has gotten more kills on them, opening up their goals to; sometimes, the game just does not go their way. However, Zapdos not only awards the killing team 200 points at the very least but renders all of the enemy goals defenseless. For those that find themselves in the losing position, Zapdos is their only hope.

B. A team is ahead and is trying to secure the lead

Or, maybe it is the opposite. Purple team is doing well, but it’s a close battle and Zapdos has just spawned. Zapdos becomes the difference between a win and a loss and killing it will erase any hope that the orange team has at getting the win.

C. A team is SUPER ahead and is trying to keep the enemy team from catching up

Finally, we have the cruelest and most satisfying approach. The purple team is doing well and is trouncing Orange, but Zapdos still provides them with hope. The last approach is to work with your team to zone off the enemy so that they can keep Zapdos from them by killing it themselves. Pokemon like Snorlax and Mr. Mime are great for this. Mastering these approaches is the key to manipulating Zapdos for a win. Down below, this article will cover tips on how to handle the approaches listed in A and B. C is a special caveat that the players will have to figure out in a way that works best for them.


Now, for the meat and gold of this Pokemon UNITE Zapdos guide. There are a number of tips one should follow when apprehending the lightning turkey.

  1. Save abilities and UNITE move until its health is low.

If the entire team has pulled their weight, then everyone should be able to use auto attacks to bring Zapdos down to where abilities can be spammed in order to bring its health down at a rapid pace. The enemy team is most definitely attempting to contest it as well, so save the key damaging abilities to burst down the legendary bird once its health is low. This increases the damage as a whole to secure, and therefore increases the chances of securing the objective.

2. Charge up the unite move when noticing Zapdos spawning

Preparing unite moves ensures that the player is as ready as they can be when the inevitable fight over Zapdos occurs. And since Unite moves take a while to charge up, wasting it before the fight is sure to only limit the player’s team fight capabilities, thereby decreasing the chances of securing Zadpos, and winning the game.

3. If Pokemon health is low, GO HOME and regen health first before

All team fights are better fought when Pokemon are healthy. Lower health before Zapdos fight means higher probability of both Zapdos and the enemy team killing the player. No player is useful when dead, so go home and regenerate health to increase the probability of surviving through the key team fight.

4. Keep a close eye on how the fight is going

MOBAs are about adapting to what is going on. If one sees that the fight is going sideways, they either have to act in a solution-driven way or give up the bird. Is the team is suffering? Abandon the fight until they can regroup. If zoning the enemy off doesn’t work, focus on the enemy team until they can be dealt with. Eyes should always be on the minimap and minds should be open to counter every situation.

Following these tips should be able to lead any team to victory over the bird and the opposition.


Getting Zapdos is, without a doubt, the most chaotic part of the UNITE experience. However, it is the most pivotal part of achieving victory. If teams work together, play smart, and go for the jugular, 200 points are in the palm of their hands. Go on, players, go on and earn the kill over the lightning-winged god.

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