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Pokemon UNITE Wigglytuff Build: Singing the Enemies to Death

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Pink is the in-season color today, trainers. Supporters are some of the most important roles in the game and it deserves the emphasis on its importance. In this Pokemon UNITE guide, we will be exploring the best build for Wigglytuff and how players can best utilize its support capabilities.

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Overview on Wigglytuff

Wigglytuff is one of the support Pokemon available to players. Here are its stats:

Offense: 1 star

Endurance: 2 1/2 stars

Mobility: 2 1/2 stars

Scoring: 2 stars

Support: 4 1/2 stars

Despite not being very strong or mobile, Wigglytuff’s support capability is near 5 stars and, along with Eldegoss, should not be slept on. Held items and battle items can also compensate for Wigglytuff’s weaknesses, making it a strong choice. Let’s take a look at the ideal items in WIgglytuff’s kit.

Recommended Build for the Tuff

Here’s what players will need to make Wigglytuff the “tuff-est” mon around…accept the pun.

Battle Item

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Given Wigglytuff’s lack of mobility, the Eject Button should always be the item of choice for this supporter. This will allow Wigglytuff to escape situations that it starts to lose and will allow it to recover at the goal so it can come back and support the other members of the team.

Held Items
Pokemon UNITE Wigglytuff Build
Image from Rankedboost

Focus Band:

This item restores a little bit of health to the user when they drop to low hp. This item will help compensate for Wigglytuff’s lack of endurance and coupled with the item listed below it, will keep Wigglytuff in the fray longer.

Image from Rankedboost

Shell Bell:

This restores some of the user’s health when a move is landed successfully. This, coupled with the focus band, will allow Wigglytuff to recover hits while fighting. What also makes this an ideal combination is that it limits the number of times the player has to use the Eject Button to get out of situations. Eject Button has a long cooldown time, so these two items allow Wigglytuff to be more selective of when to use it, making it more likely that it will get used when it’s ideal.

Image from Rankedboost

Buddy Barrier:

This item not only grants a shield to the user but to the ally with the lowest HP when the Pokemon enters its UNITE move. This allows Wigglytuff to offer Pokemon of different roles support benefits, as well as grant itself some invulnerability.

The combination of these three items makes Wigglytuff an asset in team fights, so if players find themselves with a Wigglytuff on the team, stick by them!

Best Moves for Wigglytuff

Sing: Sing is a move that benefits Wigglytuff in any team fight. It hits multiple opponents and has a decently long sleep duration. Not only will this allow Wigglytuff to take key points on the map with ease, but also allow it to create openings for its fellow attackers.

Doubleslap: Recently buffed in the last patch, Doubleslap allows it to perform combo attacks on opponents in close proximity. When upgraded, the number of hits in one button press increases. Despite the low offense stat, the damage output from double slap is monstrous when combined with sing.

The recommended strategy is to lead off with sing and then double slap after the opponents find themselves sleeping.


Despite not having much attention given to it at first, Wigglytuff now seems to be one of the best supporters in the meta. Players, let Jigglypuff sing its way into the heart of the enemy team–and slap the stuffing out of them when it evolves. All in all ranked climbers will never regret having a “tuff” team member. With this Pokemon UNITE Wigglytuff build in mind, players will be able to make the enemy run away and pay.

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