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Pokemon UNITE Venusaur Skins

Pokemon UNITE Venusaur Skins

Pokemon UNITE is the MOBA flower that fans were waiting on to bloom. Fans of both the MOBA and RPG genres are enjoying taking their Pokemon to the lanes and enjoying a different type of Pokemon battle. However, as every MOBA player knows, skins are an invaluable part of the experience. Today, this Pokemon UNITE Venusaur Skins piece will go over every skin it has. This article will add more skins as they release.

Beach Style

Pokemon UNITE Venusaur Skins

This skin was part of the 14 day Welcome Gift event and was the gift for Day 3. This is how all new UNITE players can get this skin and they do not need to spend any currency.

Suit Style

This holowear can be purchased from the Zirco Trading Shop for 1200 Gems. It cannot be obtained via Holo-tickets.


Venusaur has become a very formidable Attacker. It has good offensive capability, offers good ranged attacks, and devastating AOE. Petal Blizzard on a set will allow the player to constantly assault enemies in their vicinity, keeping chipping them down faster than they can attack back. That being said, Venusaur’s holowear will make it an absolutely eye-catching player.

Players can buy holowear through holowear tickets. However, they can also buy holowear using gems. But be aware, players can only purchase gems by using real money, so be careful. Players who don’t want to do that can buy holo tickets through the game’s lottery system. With this Pokemon UNITE Venusaur Skins piece in mind, players should go and dress their plant dinosaur like a boss.

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