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Pokemon UNITE Venusaur Build and Guide

Pokemon Unite venusaur build

Looking for a comprehensive Pokemon Unite guide to optimize Venusaur? Look no further. This article will go over how to play the mon, while providing in depth build for the grass type to help those in need of guidance. Since the mobile update, Venusaur became giga busted. The Pokemon has way too much damage and survivability when built and played correctly. His moves were overtuned, and the pick stands at the top of our tier list. Here is a Venusaur Build to help players steam roll their games.

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Venusaur Overview

As one of the original starters, Venusaur is a rather popular pick in Pokemon Unite. The grass type actually has multiple build routes prioritizing different objectives of play. This article will go over the most optimal one, while comparing and contrasting arguably less effective builds. In the past, players almost always build him as a damage carry, sniping enemies from a distance. The pick will almost always go in the top lane, and if not, the bottom. Bulbasaur is quite strong compared to other three-stage evolution Pokemon, but evolving is still almost always the goal on the slow starter.

Here are his base stats:

Offense: 4 1/2 stars

Endurance: 2 stars

Mobility: 2 stars

Scoring: 2 1/2 stars

Support: 1 stars

Battle Item

Pokemon Unite venusaur build

Eject button

Though not the most innovative battle item to take, Eject Button provides Venusaur massive utility. As a whole, the grass-type suffers from lack of mobility, making those playing him vulernable when caught out of position. Eject button is a life-saver, covering up for one of the starters’ biggest glaring weaknesses. Of course, for those looking to experiment, X-attack is a solid choice as well. This would be for those attempting to snipe down the enemy. Full Heal is also a great alternative, allowing Venusaur to run around faster with Pedal Dance.

Held Items

Muscle Band

This item is surprisingly powerful on Venusaur. Though the Pokemon relies primarily on special attack, every evolution of the pick deals physical damage for auto attacks. And considering the third empowered basic attack deals area of effect damage alongside immobilizes the enemies, Muscle Band is a great, must-have item on Venusaur.

Pokemon UNITE Held Item
Choice Specs

The new item, Choice Specs, ensures that Venusaur has enough Special Attack scaling on its moves. This item is replaceable with shell bell or wise glasses as well, whatever held item seems best. On its own, Choice Specs works perfectly fine.

focus band
Focus Band

Focus band allows Venusaur to grit his teeth, and survive through heavy skirmishes. Especially if going for a sustain build, Focus band will do wonders in sustainability. Another viable option would be buddy barrier instead, which is overall considered an overpowered item as a whole. Venusaur’s unite move is not as easy to charge as, say Charizard’s, so the utility from Buddy barrier would be less as a whole in comparison. But nonetheless, buddy barrier is a viable option.

Alternative Held Items

shell bell
shell bell

As one of the only items in the game that provides solid special attack, shell bell is a fantastic item on Venusaur. Especially considering the item grants healing from abilities, Venusaur loves to take this item. If looking to replace the item, consider taking muscle band instead. This allows the grass-type to auto attack faster, thereby clearing wild Pokemon camps at a faster rate, and evolving earlier on in the game.

wise glasses
wise glasses

If looking to build Venusaur as a pure damage carry, wise glasses is a great item. Comboed with other special attack items, Wise Glasses drasticalyl increases Venusaur’s damage potential. But keep in mind, Wise Glasses would then have to replace a durability item, which is a hefty sacrifice.

Best Moves

Pedal Dance

Pedal Dance got buffed way too much in the last patch. The move deals absurdly high damage numbers per hit. And since it hits many times in a row to multiple targets while increasing movement speed, Pedal Dance provides insane utility for Venusaur. Without the move, Venusaur is horrendously slow. But with the move, Venusaur is the fastest pokemon in the game. In addition, the cooldown is crazy short. There is a solid two or three seconds where it is not active before the cooldown refreshes.

The alternative,  Solar beam, is also very powerful. When it comes to damage output, besides its unite move, Solar Beam has the greatest burst. The biggest issue with the move is effectively aiming it, since there’s a slight delay on the cast. But since the ability range is massive, Solar Beam is perfect for sniping and stealing objectives like Dreadnaw and Zapdos. On the mobile port, Solar Beam has become far easier to aim and utilize. Of course, switch users will still find themselves struggling to aim the move properly.


Giga Drain

This move ensures that Venusaur essentially never dies. Simply jump into the bulk of the team, and make sure to hit as many pokemon as possible with the move. Doing so regenerates massive amounts of health, allowing Venusaur to effectively run into the of the enemy team to position its pedal dance. It also helps that the move itself does amazing damage, making Venusaur an unstoppable killing machine.

The alternative, Sledge Bomb, is best used in combination with Solar Beam. The slow allows players to more easily aim Solar Beam, making for quite the nasty burst damage combo. This used to be the go to move on Venusaur, but since the mobile patch update buffs, Giga Drain and Pedal Dance is just too over powered.


In Conclusion

Both build paths yield great success. At the moment, Giga Drain comboed with Pedal Dance is definitely stronger than Sledge Bomb and Solar Beam. Not because Sledge Bomb and Solar Beam combo are weak, but rather the other combo is simply that broken. But with every Pokemon, there are definitely more ways than the mentioned play styles here. Be sure to experiment, with different moves and various held items.

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