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Pokemon Unite Update Duraludon Nerfed

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As many know, Duralduon in Pokemon Unite absolutely dominated. The pokemon’s damage scaled off the charts, with incredible range and power to make it an uncontested overpowered pick. Finally, after a couple of weeks, the Pokemon Unite developers figured it was time a Pokemon Unite Update. Pokemon Unite update largely targetted Duraludon, nerfing the pokemon drastically. Here is a full breakdown of the fix.


Update coming @ 28 March 3pm from PokemonUnite

Take a look at the changes to Duraludon. Outside of the bug fixes, which there seem to be a lot of, everything else has been nerfed. Attack stat was likely decreased, basic attack range decreased, heavy metal cooldown lengthened, the list goes on for a while. Anyway, the basic attack range decrease makes a lot of sense. The pokemon’s effective range was super broken, encompassing practically more than the typical pokemon’s POV.

It’s unclear exactly what the bug fixes really are. The pokemon definitely didn’t play right, with some interesting interactions occurring quite regularly. It would be nice if the developers gave more insight as to what exactly they changed, from numbers and descriptions, but that’s just a luxury the community doesn’t really have directly from the developers. Check out Serebii instead, since they have a great team that often provides numbers through data analysis.

Alolan Ninetales Aurora Veil received nerfs… That really sucks because the pokemon finally felt good. Not even OP, not even broken or powerful, just finally viable. Meanwhile, there are tons of pokemon that don’t see nerfs that could definitely use some.

Last but not least, Mr. Mime’s Guard Swap+ received bug fixes. Why communicate that bug fixes without a description? Oh well, any update to the game stands good news.

In Conclusion

The modicum Pokemon Unite update nerfed Duraludon, Ninetales for some reason, and just provided bug fixes for Mr. Mime. Quite small, but better than nothing. The Pokemon Unite update likely will continue following the same trend. In essence, small updates followed by a big update in a couple of weeks. Likely, the developers place more emphasis and attention towards new pokemon releases than balance patches.

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