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Pokemon Unite Tsareena Revealed

Pokemon Unite Tsareena

After a lot of leaks and teases, Pokemon Unite have confirmed that the next Pokemon coming to the game will be the grass-kicking Tsareena. Tsareena has had its moveset shown but not officially revealed yet. The Pokemon Unite Tsareena Release Date is coming soon as well. Here is a look at Pokemon Unite Tsareena, the next All-Rounder.

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Pokemon Unite have confirmed that Tsareena will be coming out on December 9, 2021 with this Tweet.

There are a few things that players will notice about this reveal. Firstly they will see that she is indeed going to be free to pickup for a limited time. While this had been rumored, this is the first time that Pokemon Unite are confirming it. They have not revealed exactly how players will be able to get Tsareena. It is assumed she will either be a log-in bonus or players will have to earn her in a way similar to Greedunt during the Halloween event. Either way, she will be free and thus worth hopping onto Pokemon Unite to grab while players can.

The second part was that her moveset was seemingly revealed to a certain extent. She will be a melee character and will be almost exclusively using her legs to use her moves. One might have thought that Hitmonlee would fit this role? Seeing as she is an All-Rounder, it seems as though she will fit in well with that group of Pokemon adding to the melee groups of Pokemon like Lucario and Machamp.

As more is revealed about Tsareena, keep it here at The Game Haus to stay updated.

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