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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Tsareena Guide: Day One

pokemon unite tsareena build

The newest addition to Pokemon Unite is Tsareena, a melee all-rounder. And although the pokemon categorized as so, Tsareena definitely plays more like an offense focused attacker. Utilizing mobility with fast auto attack cancelations, the pick excels at shredding down any target in its path. Tsareena relies heavily on its innate healing to sustain throughout fights in order to effectively shred through the enemy. To help players maximize the pick, here is a Pokemon Unite Tsareena Build.

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Here is a full in depth video teaching how to play Tsareena:


pokemon unite tsareena build


The biggest takeaway from this infographic is the leveling and evolving pattern. Since Tsareena has three evolution forms, the pokemon requires a little bit of leveling before reaching its maximum power. But similar to Eevee’s evolution into Sylveon, Bonsweet requires very few levels to reach its final form. So what does this mean exactly? Although Tsareena isn’t the strongest at level 1, it scales incredibly fast as the game proceeds.

Evolving to its second form at level 4, and final form at level 6, Tsareena reaches its apex within the intial couple of minutes.

At Lv. 1 and Lv. 3, Bounsweet can learn Razor Leaf and Rapid Spin. At Lv. 5, Razor Leaf can be upgraded into one of two moves: Triple Axel or Stomp. At Lv. 6, Steenee evolves into Tsareena, and Rapid Spin can be upgraded into either Trop Kick or Grassy Glide. Following up soon, Tsareena learns its Unite Move Queen Ascent at level 9.


pokemon unite tsareena build

Held Items

Muscle Band and Focus Band are great held items for Tsareena. The pokemon’s kit relies heavily on fast auto attacks. Therefore, Muscle Band works wonders. In addition, Muscle Band deals provides necessary attack stats while simultaneously scaling with maximum health. Seeing as how Tsareena’s skills and autos already do essentially that, Tsareena’s synergy with Muscle Band is unprecedented. And since Tsareena heals off of its abilities, Focus Band adds some extra power to the healing as a whole. The item also provides defensive capabilities, ensuring Tsareena survives long enough to sustain throughout a fight.

For those looking to build offensively, take Scope Lens. Since Tsareena’s moves have a larger percent chance of landing critical hits, Scope Lens works wonders in helping maximize damage. This item is easily replaceable with Razor Claw.

Defensive itemizations include Buddy Barrier alongside Score Shield. Since Tsareena learns its Unite Move rather early compared to other pokemon, it makes great use of Buddy Barrier’s active ability. In regards to Score Shield, Tsareena is overall very fast. This means the pokemon can easily sneak in some fast goals, thereby makes great use of Score Shield. Since Muscle Band is an absolute must on Tsareena, replace either Focus Band or Scope Lens for these items.

Float Stone is only for players looking to build full glass cannon. But don’t expect to utilize the item’s out of combat active. Instead, the item is only really useful for its high base stats. The item’s movement speed and bonus attack stats make it a decent stat boost.

Battle Items

Eject Button never steers any pokemon wrong. As a highly mobile damage front line carry, Tsareena loves Eject Button. For those looking to vary up playstyle, Full Heal’s hinderance removal and invulnerability provides great utility as well.

Alternative Battle items include X-Speed, X-Attack, and Fluffy Tail. Fluffy Tail is for players who utilize Tsareena as a jungler. The item’s active makes clearing the bigger Wild Pokemon a cinch. X-Speed is for players looking to zoom around the map, while X-attack simply increases attack.

Best Moves

Triple Axel

At level 5, Razor Leaf can be switched out for Triple Axel or Stomp. Between the two, Triple Axel seems to be the way to go. The move as a whole provides more damage as a whole, granting Tsareena three separate attacks that can also be used while repositioning. Since mobility in the current meta is so essential, the ability to move while using Triple Axel is incredible beneficial. In addition, Triple Axel increases Tsareena’s attack speed. Seeing as how Tsareena relies heavily on fast basic attacks to utilize her base kit, the utility on the move is huge.

Stomp, on the other hand, provides area of effect crowd control in the form of a stun. The downside is Tsareena doesn’t move nearly as much while activating the move, and Stomp does not provide a buff for the pokemon. Of course, for those opting for more lock down, Stomp still works perfectly fine. Players looking to dash around and attack as fast as possible should take Triple Axel.

Trop Kick

At level 6, Rapid Spin upgrades into either Trop Kick or Glassy Glide. And though both moves are excellent, this particular build recommends Trop Kick over Glassy Glide. The amount of distance covered with Trop Kick exceeds Glassy Glide’s, while simultaneously slowing all enemies hit. This allows Tsareena to effectively position its Triple Axel alongside basic attacks to shred through the enemy’s health.

Glassy Glide also works quite well. The move provides a dash, albeit shorter distance than Glassy Glide, and hits the enemy while stunning them. For players looking to lock the enemy down, take Stomp alongside Trop Kick. The downside is that since Tsareena is required to always kick backwards after the move activation, the pokemon cannot dash as smoothly throughout the map. This makes gap closing and chasing enemies rather difficult.

In Conclusion

Tsareena plays as a fast paced carry that relies on animation cancels and basic attacks to combo the enemy. By utilizing enhanced basic attacks alongside healing from its abilities, Tsareena dashes around the map while shredding through its opponents.

This particular Pokemon Unite Tsareena guide walks players through a formulated method of playing and building the pokemon, but do not treat the information presented as the only viable method. Make sure to utilize the information as a starting point, and cater the content to fit individual needs.

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