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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Trevenant: New Pokemon Confirmed

Pokemon Unite Trevenant

After what has seemed like a massive drought of new content, Pokemon Unite revealed the newest addition to their game, Trevenant! Honestly, the game has had a bit of a problem with data leaks. Pokemon Unite Trevenant’s reveal trailer took the entire community by surprise. Trevenant, marked as a defender, may mark the beginning of a decisive shift in the meta. If the pokemon drops in a good state, and the Unite developers validate its playstyle, defensive strategies may become more prevalent, allowing for more dynamic gameplay. And for those who don’t know, the grass ghost type pokemon debuted in generation VI.

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What to Expect

Though Trevenant technically has a preevolution, the pokemon doesn’t require the typical leveling system to evolve. Instead in the mainline games, Trevenant evolves when traded. Therefore, it’s a little difficult to say if the prevolution of the pokemon will make its way onto Pokemon Unite. It’s quite possible that Trevenant will begin in its final form, similar to Snorlax and Lucario. But without more information, it’s difficult to make a decisive conclusion.

Trevenant scales largely with attack in the main line games. Since Pokemon Unite remains surprisingly faithful to the flag ship games, Pokemon Unite Trevenant will definitely deal physical damage as well. In other words, building special attack items on the pokemon will undoubtedly be useless.

From the teased gameplay, Trevenant seems to deal amazing crowd control. In essence, the pokemon excels at locking down the enemy. Almost all of its moves seem to have some semblance of this trait, so it seems the developers are targetting more zone lockdown in its kit.

Honestly, this makes a lot of sense. So many of the picks in Pokemon Unite prioritize pushing forward with insane mobility. Therefore, the meta doesn’t prioritize defensive strategies. Instead, the team who has the better offense typically just wins by overwhelming the opponent.

Another key indicator of this theme is Trevenant’s score speed. Out of all the newer pokemon teased, Trevenant’s score speed seems the slowest by far. The delay before scoring, the time it takes to score, and even the sound effect point towards a pokemon that isn’t really designed to push forward haphazardly to score goals.

In Conclusion

Pokemon Unite Trevenant is newest addition to pokemon unite. The much welcomed defender will likely place higher priority on defensive strategies. This could potentially be huge for the meta. If the Pokemon Unite developers handle this pokemon properly, the pick may very realistically begin to shift the way the game is played. By rooting itself firmly, Trevenant may become the center of team compositions and allow for more defensive plays. But until the pokemon releases, and hands on experience is acquired, this remains as pure speculation.

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