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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Moveset Analysis

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Moveset

The newest pick for Pokemon Unite plays as a zone controlling defender. Likely to evolve the meta, Trevenant’s objectives in game focus around creating a line of defense against the enemy’s pushes. Here is a Pokemon Unite Trevenant Moveset analysis to help players expect what is soon to come.

Set to release on January 20, Trevenant releases towards the end of January. This potentially foretells the time for next patch update as well, seeing as how pokemon releases are often accompanied with a patch as well. The newly releasing tree marks another defender in the constantly evolving mobile MOBA.

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Leveling Patterns

Phantump by TheAngryAron on deviantART | Creepy pokemon, Pokemon, Ghost pokemon

Trevenant starts the game as this cute little ghoul. Phantump is unsprisingly quite the weak pokemon. But upon evolving at level 5, and learning its first move upgrade, Trevenant becomes a rather spooky tree. The moves available on this leve up on Curse or Wood Hammer. Upon reaching level 7, players have the option of choosing between Horn Leech and Pain Split. Trevenant learns its Unite move at level 9.

Abilities Analysis


In the Trevenant move trailer. In the very beginning, it shows Trevenant creating a purple circle while draining the life of a wild pokemon. Since Trevenant created a circle, the move is likely area of effect, draining all pokemon within the vicinity. The move is quite possibly curse, which in the mainline Pokemon games grants the user a buff.

Now that the official informatino has been release, this move Trevenant’s bread and butter in Pokemon Unite. A big portion of Trevenant’s kit relies on it losing health.

Wood Hammer

Providing lockdown for its team, Wood Hammer can be activated twice in succession. The first time, Trevenant can still move, hitting horizontally in front of it. The second hit is a vertial strike, which forces Trevenant to stay still. Each use costs a small bit of health.

Horn Leech

With its enhanced basic attack, Trevenant glows green indicating a possible heal. Right after  the basic attack, another one of Trevenant’s moves is shown. The tree dives forward, using its horns to attack while glowing green once again. In the mainline pokemon games, this move heals the user for the damage deal. This move grants Trevenant enhanced basic attacks, but is honestly a little hard to pull off.

Pain Split

This move creates a link between the user and a designated opposing pokemon. The link redirects a portino of damage it receives to another. Pain Split works wonders with Curse. In order to maximize the usage of Pain Split, keep an eye on who has a lot of health. When linking to a higher HP target, Trevenant continuously regenerates HP. Now think about that, Curse drains HP from itself, while Pain Split regenerates HP. And since Pain Split increases Trevenant’s movement speed, it can effectively position to catch as many targets as possible with the area effect of Curse.

Unite Move: Phantom Forest

Creating a dark circle, Trevenant afflicts the enemy pokemon with a curse. This knocks all enemies up in the circle, increasing allies basic attack damage on afflicted enemies. The more enemies hit, the bigger the shield on Trevenant. And since the Unite Move has a decent amount of range to it, it’s easily one of the most versatile and strong Unite Moves in the game in regards to team fight utility.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind, this Pokemon Unite Trevenant Moveset analysis will be updated once the official information has been released. As of now, this remains largely speculation, although the speculation is very likely to be spot on. After all, Pokemon Unite developers aren’t just grabbing these pokemon moves out of thin air. With all of the previous playable pokemon, they correlate directly with the mainline games.

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