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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Guide and Build: Day One

Pokemon Unite Trevenant guide

The newest pick for Pokemon Unite plays as a zone controlling defender. Likely to evolve the meta, Trevenant’s objectives in game focus around creating a line of defense against the enemy’s pushes. By following this Pokemon Unite Trevenant guide, players should be able to further maximize the Pokemon’s capabilities. Understanding which items to run, alongside the pros and cons of each move set is essential to utilizing the tree Pokemon more effectively.

Do not consider the mentioned Pokemon Unite Trevenant Guide as the only viable method of play. Treat the guide as a base to aid in understanding, and customize as deemed fit.

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Trevenant Overview

With strong sustain and zoning capabilties, Trevenant functions best as a tank. In essence, it should be built to become a steady tree, rooted firmly on objectives. The pokemon gains health after each enhanced basic attacks, alongside certain move uses. Therefore, understanding how to survive as long as possible proves key to playing Trevenant.

In addition, Trevenant deals physical damage. Though the tank doesn’t conventionally build damage items, the scaling is important to note for those who do want to prioritize damage.

Battle Item

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Slow Smoke

This item is absurdly busted at the moment. The amount of slow and basic attack decrease is just not balanced. Trevenant makes great use of this, so almost always go for this battle item before it’s inevitably nerfed in the future.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant guide

A suggested battle item would be potion. In the beginining, this battle item was memed quite a bit, since it was seen as the beginner noob item that only amateur players took. But since then, Potion has truly come a long way. With a shortened cooldown and increased healing, Potion provides the essential boost in healing that synergizes perfectly with Trevenant’s kit. This may sound weird, but Potion is the best battle item for Trevenant.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant guide
Full Heal

Full Heal is fantastic on many front line tanks, Trevenant included. By eliminating crowd control on itself, Full Heal greatly increases capability to position. One of Trevenant’s worst nightmares is being locked down, especially early on. If it can’t move, then it can’t heal. By cleansing itself of status ailments, Trevenant can proceed to sustain by relentlessly attacking the enemy. Do not sleep on the battle item. For Pokemon with great survivability, the short cooldown alongside active is immensely useful

Held Items

focus band
Focus Band

As one of the greatest defensive items, Focus Band is a must have on Trevenant. The item ensures that the Trevenant continues to survive during key fights. Providing fantastic defensive stats, Focus Band allows the Pokemon to wreck havoc without worry. It also perfectly synergizes with Trevenant’s passive ability, which regenerates the tree at low health. Therefore, Focus Band stands as an absolute must on the new pokemon.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier, as a whole, is one of the greatest items to run. The base health addition that the item provides scales wonderfully with tanks. In addition, with each unite move usage, the barrier buffs up allies. Since Trevenant’s Unite move also buffs allies’ basic attack damage, the barrier provides insane utility during team fights.

score shield
Score Shield

Score shield is a must on tanky pokemon. And considering Trevenant’s scoring speed and movement speed is rather slow, Score Shield is necessary to ensure that the pokemon can at least score a couple of points. And since score shield scales with maximum HP, while providing more HP, the item grants Trevenant very useful stats.

Alternative Held Items

This section will go over alternative held items, which can realistically replace any of the three options provided above. But keep in mind, doing so will definitely switch up playstyle during key moments, such as dunking, defending, or even team fighting. Whatever the case, these alternative held items function pretty decently as well.

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Muscle Band

An interesting option for a tank, Muscle band essentially rounds out Trevenant’s kit by providing attack speed. In Pokemon Unite, depending on what the enhanced basic attack provides, Muscle Band is very much an S tier item. For Trevenant, the tree gains bonus healing from enhanced basic attacks. This means the more it attacks, the more it heals and survives. In addition, as previously mentioned, Trevenant scales with physical attack. And Muscle Band scales with phsyical attack as well, making it surprisingly powerful on the new pokemon.

Weakness Policy Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Weakness Policy

As mentioned earlier, Trevenant deals physical damage. And since the pokemon functions as a tank, Weakness Policy grants the pokemon pretty good utility. Weakness Policy increases Trevenant’s total physical attack the more it gets hit, while providing additional bonus HP stats. If suspecting very long team fights, and wanting to dish out more damage, try giving Weakness Policy a go.

Rocky Helmet Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Rocky Helmet

This held item is kind of like Pain Split, in that it reflects some damage back to the enemy when Trevenant receives damage. But to be frank, more testing is required for this item.

Best Moves

As of now, the most dominant playstyle for Trevenant revolves around running into big hordes of enemies, while sustaining as much as possible. During the mid to late game, if Trevenant is properly backed up, the amount of utility and damage the pokemon soaks up is not balanced. The issue is, before then, Trevenant struggles. In essence, it’s laning is quite weak and the pokemon is susceptible to crowd control. Here is the recommended moveset.

Curse>Wood Hammer

This move Trevenant’s bread and butter. A big portion of Trevenant’s kit relies on it losing health. The alternative, Wood Hammer, performs this function as well, it requires Trevenant to stand still during the second hit. Wood Hammer also doesn’t deal much damage, while the HP cost of the skill is quite minimal and hard to control.

Curse, on the other hand, is easily controllable. Players can gauge the amount of health, and stop its usage whenever they see fit. The area of effect movement speed slow and damage on this move makes Trevenant super annoying to deal with during team fights. And once the max amount of the curse bar is filled up, Trevenant actually resets cooldown for its other move as well. This is really important to note.

Pain Split or Horn Leech

For the second move, Pain Split pretty good. Especially when comboing with Curse. In order to maximize the usage of Pain Split, keep an eye on who has a lot of health. When linking to a higher HP target, Trevenant continuously regenerates HP. Now think about that, Curse drains HP from itself, while Pain Split regenerates HP. And since Pain Split increases Trevenant’s movement speed, it can effectively position to catch as many targets as possible with the area effect of Curse. This move is particularly good when the enemy has a lot of super tanky pokemon, like Wigglytuff and Snorlax.

Horn Leech works better against squishier targets that are vulernable to CC. But when going Horn Leech, it’s probably best to take Muscle Band as well to maximize the passive cooldown reduction. It dashes Trevenant forward, and heals the tree. Horn Leech’s biggest asset is the CC, alongside enhanced basic attacks that reduce cooldown. But keep in mind, Horn Leech/Curse combo is really hard to pull off. It requires good cooldown management, alongside basic attack timing.

In Conclusion

This build prioritizes Trevenant’s survivability, allowing it drain the life out of its enemies. Keep in mind, there are definitely different methods of playing the new defender. But this build will likely serve players very well,  and is undoubtably the most effective playstyle. Essentially, all moves excluding Wood Hammer seem to be pretty good at the moment. Trevenant isn’t the easiest pokemon to play, so make sure to practice the tree before spamming it in ranked games.

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