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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon UNITE Tier List: Sylveon Release Edition

Pokemon UNITE Tier List

This Pokemon Unite Tier list, created by a master level player, ranks the best and worst picks. After Sylveon’s release, fast, hard hitting attackers have dominated the pokemon MOBA. The pokemon have been reordered to fit the new pokemon release, alongside altered to correct some inflated rankings. Towards the end of the tier list, analysis of some of the strongest and weakest Pokemon will be provided.

These picks assume that players understand the most optimal method of playing the Pokemon. This means that they are utilizing the proper builds and moves, with ample held item upgrades. If their items are not upgraded to at least level 20, they will not perform as well as the player hopes. In addition, the tier list assumes that the mentioned Pokemon are being utilized against other skilled players. After all, every Pokemon can seem overpowered against complete beginners.

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The latest TGH Guides and Builds for each Pokemon are linked to their name.

Tier List:

Pokemon UNITE Tier List






Pokemon UNITE Tier List


Alolan Ninetails














Mr. Mime









Overall Rankings

Pokemon UNITE Tier List
Pokemon UNITE Tier List

Great Picks

Hopefully, this Pokemon Unite Tier List provided useful information and insight. This next section will discuss some notable great picks. When played to exploit their strengths, the pokemon mentioned create some very unfair play conditions for the enemy. Be sure to exploit these picks before they are inevitably nerfed in a future patch update.


The newest pokemon addition stands as one of the strongest picks in the game. Despite receiving a hotfix that nerfed the pick quite substantially, Sylveon is still rather powerful. Though not as overpowered as it once was, the pick still functions well.

Sylveon scales very fast into the game, evolving at level 4 and acquiring its essential unite move at level 8. Seeing as how other attackers, such as Cinderace, scale far more slowly, Sylveon easily impacts the game from early on. Once Sylveon acquires a lead, good luck stopping the slippery attacker. The pokemon’s mobility from its empowered auto attacks and dash provided from Mystical Fire make it nearly impossible to catch. What makes Sylveon even more busted is its unite move, which simultaneously provides momentary invulnerability, decent damage, over scaled healing, and insane mobility. Comboed with the already broken held item, Buddy Barrier, Sylveon’s unite move is in dire need of some balancing.

For those looking for an in-depth guide to the pokemon, check out the Sylveon guide linked below.

[Click here for a full Slyveon Build]


This pokemon is also not balanced. At the highest levels of play, Greninja is a staple on every team, running Double Team and Water Shuriken. By creating clones that mimic Greninja’s other move, Greninja deals absurdly high damage to its target.

And since Sylveon released, which a busted pick, other pokemon that have high mobility are seeing more success as well. After all, pokemon need to be able to catch up to the eeveelution to kill it, a job Greninja performs excellently.

[Click here for a full Greninja Build]


Many players do not understand the strength of Venusaur. Thanks to the Pedal Dance and Giga Drain buffs, Venusaur is over-tuned. The cooldown decrease on Pedal Dance ensures that Venusaur has almost constant access to the movement speed buff and area of effect damage. In addition, Giga Drain insures Venusaur’s life. Hit multiple targets, and the grass type is truly invincible.

[Click here for a full Venusaur Guide]

Mediocre Picks

The pokemon mentioned here are simply not in the best state. Whether their Pokemon design simply was lack luster to begin with, or nerfs hit them hard, these picks are far more difficult to play effectively than most. Of course, that does not mean players cannot find success on these. The current meta simply does not favor them.


This slow scaling all rounder takes far too long to evolve into its final form. In its first form, Gible is essentially useless, serving as practically a glorified wild pokemon. Sand attack is, hands down, the weakest move in the game. It deals literally no damage, and therefore makes Gible dead weight for his allied laner. Pokemon Unite’s meta very much centers around carrying a lead. Since it is incredibyl difficult for Garchomp to do so from early on, try playing a different all-rounder instead.

[click here for a Garchomp build]


Wigglytuff felt the brunt of the blow. The nerfs to sing decimated her viability, eliminating her biggest strength. Since Pokemon wake from sleep after getting hit, Wigglytuff can no longer abuse its double slap. Meaning, its team fight capabilities decreased. And with no consistent heals, Wigglytuff is outclassed by practically every support.

Looking for CC? Play Mr. Mime. Looking for heals? Play Eldegoss or Blissey.

[click here for a Wigglytuff build]


Slowbro lacks mobility and damage, two very necessary traits in Pokemon Unite. Without the proper damage, Slowbro struggles when contesting wild pokemon. And once it falls off, Slowbro has no way of coming back. The sloth-like Pokemon’s crowd control is annoying to play against, but since two of its moves actually immobilizes itself as well, the utility drops drastically. Players need to continuously reposition while fighting to gain advantages, something that Slowbro simply cannot do effectively.

[click here for a Slowbro build]

In Conclusion

Sylveon pretty much displaced Cinderace in the current meta. Cinderace is still strong, but Sylveon is simply more powerful. And there can only be so many attackers in a single team composition. The pick may very well shift the meta towards mobility reliant pokemon. After all, pokemon that are too slow to even catch up to Slyveon will be left running after its dust instead. And ignoring an enemy Sylveon is a recipe for disaster.

Though some picks definitely shine brighter than others, all Pokemon, except maybe Slowbro, are still viable in their own regard. Especially with the right items and team communication, every Pokemon can see success. So do not let this tier list deter the passion to main a specific Pokemon.

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