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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Tier List: Season 2

Pokemon Unite Tier List

With a brand new season of Pokemon Unite, what better way to celebrate than a brand new tier list? This Season 2 Pokemon Unite tier list ranks the best and worst pokemon. When comparing the different picks, this particular tier list assumes that the player has a solid base of held item upgrades. In essence, to play the pokemon to its utmost potential for the appropriate ranking, trainers needs to have optimal upgrades and held items.

For those looking for guides, each pokemon name links to a suggested build. In addition, the best picks typically fit into every team composition. The lower down the tier, the more niche the picks are. Do not misunderstand, every pokemon in Pokemon Unite is viable. Some are simply easier to pull off than others.

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Tier List:
Pokemon Unite Tier List



















Mr. Mime









Overall Rankings

pokemon unite tier list Season 2

Notable Picks

This next section discusses some notable picks in season 2. From some overpowered pokemon to some niche choices, these pokemon definitely warrant some attention. Undoubtedly, keep these upcoming picks in mind during the beginning of season 2. The knowledge provided will grant an upper edge during the ranked climb.

Alolan Ninetails

To begin with, the ice type pokemon received some buffs to its overall damage. But still only a B tier pick, the pokemon lacks mobility to keep up with many of the top tier picks. With the release of Greedent, the meta as a whole shifted towards incredible mobile pokemon. The game faster pace than its ever been before. And since Alolan Ninetails cannot sprint or dash, the pokemon quite frankly cannot catch the mobile carries. But the buffs definitely helped the picks overall damage, making it a bit of a niche pick that definitely sees success when played in the proper team composition.


The terror that is Zeraora remains at large. The pokemon’s mobility, damage, and scoring potential are near unmatched in Pokemon Unite. From the beginning of the game all the way to the last second, Zeraora deals amazing damage. With one of the strongest unite moves in the entire game, which shoots out an undodgeable one shot lightning bolt, Zeraora is easily one of the strongest picks in Pokemon Unite. Especially when playing against a bunch of squishy attackers, the lightning speedster excels at bursting down unwitting foes.


Despite facing nerfs in a previous patch, Lucario still dominates in Pokemon Unite. His damage numbers, tankiness, and mobility make him a force to be reckoned with. Easily, Lucario is a top tier pick in Pokemon Unite. For those looking for a beefy front line pokemon, but not wanting to play the typical defender, Lucario is an excellent choice. By building purely defensively, the pokemon manages to deal absurd damage while simultaneously locking down the enemy.


The squirrel like pokemon has been plaguing Unite with its absurd damage numbers and vroom vroom mechanics. Greedent had practically infinite sustainability, and insane burst damage built into its kit. But with the recent nerfs, its most overpowered move, Belch, received some much needed balancing. Now sitting at an A tier pick, rather than the clearly dominate S tier, Greednet requires far more cooldown management alongside better timing to maximize the pick.


Pokemon’s flagship electric mouse is pretty good at the moment. Though still suffering from a weak body, making Pikachu juicy bait for the likes of Absol and Zeraora, the pick definitely plays great when backed up with a beefy front line. Pikachu’s damage is surprisingly high, and with area of effect abilities that are easy to land, Pikachu earns its A tier spot for this Pokemon Unite Season 2 Tier List.

In Conclusion

Though some picks definitely shine brighter than others, all Pokemon, except maybe Slowbro and Garchomp, are still viable in their own regard. Especially with the right items and team communication, every Pokemon can see success. So do not let this tier list deter the passion to main a specific Pokemon.

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