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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon UNITE Tier List: Greedent Release Edition

pokemon unite tier list

After Greedent’s release, alongside the much awaited balance patch, Unite’s meta recently shifted. Created by a master rank player, this Pokemon Unite Tier list ranks all the picks currently available. This list is meant to help players navigate the ever changing environment.

In general, the top tier picks on the list fit into almost every team composition. These picks perform their relative functions amazingly. The lower tier picks, on the other hand, require specific team composition variables or in game conditions. Every pokemon in Unite is viable, but some are simply easier to pull off than others. Towards the end of the list, analysis of some of the strongest and weakest Pokemon will be provided.

In addition, this Pokemon Unite Tier List assumes that players understand the most optimal method of playing the Pokemon. This means that they are utilizing the proper builds and moves, with ample held item upgrades. If their items are not upgraded to at least level 20, they will not perform as well as the player hopes. In addition, the tier list assumes players have a strong base understanding of mechanics and game knowledge to properly play the specified pokemon.

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The latest TGH Guides and Builds for each Pokemon are linked to their name.

Tier List:
pokemon unite tier list






pokemon unite tier list











pokemon unite tier list





Mr. Mime





Alolan Ninetails







Overall Rankings


pokemon unite tier list

Great Picks

This next section will discuss some notable great picks. When played to exploit their strengths, the pokemon create exceptional opportunities in team play. Of course, these are not the only good picks in the current meta. They are just noteworthy ones that are worth discussing.


The squirrel like pokemon is in the A tier for this list. It’s pretty good, and when played properly drastically increases a team’s synergy. By creating berries for its allies to heal off of, Greedent provides utility in ways that are unprecedented for a defender.

In addition, the pokemon’s damage stats are incredibly high, particularly on Belch. The issue surrounding the pick is that most players do not know how to play around the pokemon, or even play the pokemon effectively. Debatably, Greedent has the highest learning curve out of any pokemon in the game. Even for very experienced players, the pokemon is hard to navigate and master. Therefore, it sits only at an A tier instead of S.

[Click here for a full Greedent build]


With so many attackers becoming meta, Eldegoss fits into practically every team composition. Games in Pokemon Unite are fraught with players locking in squishy speedsters, or selfish damage carries. Players will often fight over which role to choose, with support often being the least coveted.

As Pokemon Unite’s best support, Eldegoss provides area of effect healing and damage. Its skills are invaluable for team fights, greatly facilitating the flow of the battle.

[Click here for a Eldegoss build]

*NOTE* The held item build is out of date for the Eldegoss build. Will be updated soon, but the recommended moveset is still 100% viable.


Though hydropump was nerfed in the recent patch, Blastoise is still an excellent pick. The previously popular rapid spin build is now outdated. Take surf instead, which creates huge windows of opportunity for Blastoise’s team. Surf’s mobility and crowd control are phenomenal.

And of course, Blastoise’s unite move is still super strong. For players who want to play a high damage ranged damage dealer, but the team is full of attackers already, just play Blastoise instead.

[click here for a full Blastoise Build]

Mediocre Picks

The pokemon mentioned here are simply not in the best state. Whether their Pokemon design simply was lack luster to begin with, or nerfs hit them hard, these picks are far more difficult to play effectively than most. Of course, that does not mean players cannot find success on these.


Honestly, putting this pokemon in the “mediocre” picks doesn’t do it justice. The pokemon is still pretty good, and is only really listed here to provide some caveats around the pokemon. In essence, to warn players of its weaknesses. Since the pokemon’s nerfs, Sylveon does not deal nearly as much reliable damage as it once did. Under the right conditions, Sylveon is absolutely amazing. With decent damage, oppressing slows, and great mobility, the pokemon still has its merits. But players typically need a strong front line and/or be paired up with a support like Eldegoss to perform exceptionally.

The issue is that with pokemon like Talonflame and Zeraora being in the state that they are in, Sylveon can easily get bursted down. Especially without a front line tank to body block, playing Sylveon is definitely riskier than it once was.

[Click here for a full Sylveon Guide]

Mr. Mime

Once again, putting Mr. Mime here feels dirty. The pokemon is still really strong, and isn’t really mediocre at all. This is just a place to talk about the pick, and give some warnings to the weaknesses surrounding the particular pokemon.

Mr. Mime is labeled as a support, but experienced unite players should know that this a bold faced lie. The pokemon is very much a killing machine that excels at bursting down squishy pokemon. But that’s the thing, the pokemon excels against squishy targets. If the enemy manages to survive Mr. Mime’s initial burst combo, the amount of utility he brings into a team fight drops significantly.

Unlike other conventional supports, it does not heal, provide barriers (unless Buddy Barrier is active), or even boost up teammates. Mr. Mime is more like a secondary damage dealer, cleaning up after fights and locking down enemies whenever necessary. Therefore, if the team or lane lacks damage, depending on specific match ups, Mr. Mime may fall short. In essence, the pick is very dependent on match ups. Take Mr. Mime’s Barrier walls as an example. If a pokemon can simply hop over the wall, the amount of benefit from the move drops significantly. But against a pokemon that cannot, the wall absolutely destroys them.

The takeaway for this Mr. Mime section is just be wary of Mr. Mime’s actual role on the team, alongside its match ups.

[Click here for a full Mr. Mime guide]

In Conclusion

Though some picks definitely shine brighter than others, all Pokemon, except maybe Slowbro, are still viable in their own regard. Especially with the right items and team communication, every Pokemon can see success. So do not let this tier list deter the passion to main a specific Pokemon.

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