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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Tier List Day 1: The Beginning

Pokemon Unite Tier List

After a long wait, Pokemon Unite, the new Pokemon MOBA game has finally been released. There are 20 Pokemon coming with the game on release and hopefully, many more will come soon after. They each have unique attacks, abilities and what other games call ultimates, Pokemon Unite calls Unite Moves. Now that fans across the world are getting their hands on the game, they may be wondering which Pokemon is best? Here is a Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List.

*Note: This will be updated more as the meta is established and more Pokemon are released.

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Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List S Tier
Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List S Tier


This launch day Pokemon helped to fill out the 20 Pokemon roster and provides a punch to say the least. Zeraora is currently slated for the jungle as its clear speed is very good along with Agility allowing it to get around quickly. After it is done farming its ganks are pretty solid as well. There are plenty of Zeraora’s that stay in the jungle too long. that said once it is turning fights in the lanes, Zeraora comes alive and can take over games.


The loveable Snorlax is anything but in Pokemon Unite. It is fun to play as but frustrating to play against. Not only is Snorlax the best defender in the game because of its tankiness, but it can also deal out damage and provide plenty of CC (crowd control). What makes Snorlax jump into S-Tier though is its Block ability. This ability helps to negate damage and CC while also providing a shield for teammates. Oh, and arguably the most insane part about the ability is that it knocks enemies wherever it is facing. Make sure to climb with Snorlax before it gets nerfed.


Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List A Tier
Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List A Tier


Machamp was one of the Pokemon that would have been more surprising to not have in Pokemon Unite on day one. Starting as Machop, Machamp really is a great All-Around Pokemon. It can dish out plenty of damage, survive through just as much and even go nearly invulnerable as it rains down a flurry of blows. It would take a pretty nice buff to move it into S-Tier but Machamp should remain near the top of most tier lists.


There are a few Pokemon that can really get in and out of fights pretty easily, Cinderace is one of them. The main reason Cinderace is not in S-Tier is that its early forms, Scorbunny and Raboot, are pretty weak. Not to mention Cinderace does not deal much AOE (area of effect) damage. Even still it can kite extremely well while winning plenty of 1v1 and 2v2 skirmishes basically on its own. Cinderace is definitely a great Pokemon to pick up early on in Pokemon Unite.


Looking at this weird Gen 8 bird many fans would be right to ask why they even put it in the game? Is it a joke? Well if anyone has played as Cramorant or against it, they will know that this Pokemon is like a machinegun. Its Unite Move is able to deal so much damage and burn down a target before they know what hit them. Along with its ability to deal consistent damage or bring other Pokemon into fights they may wish to avoid, Cramorant is truly a menace. For those who like to play ADC or ranged DPS characters in other MOBAs, Cramorant will fit perfectly.


Of course, Pikachu is strong. Would it be a Pokemon game if this wasn’t true? Luckily, Pikachu is not overpowered but solidly balanced on release. It can weave in and out of fights while trapping down it’s opponents with Eectroweb. Pikachu can deal plenty of single-target and AOE damage. If Pikachu hit even just a bit harder or naturally moved just a little faster then it could work its way up to S-Tier.


Another staple Pokemon for the franchise, Lucario comes out swinging in Pokemon Unite. Its passive is only one of the big reasons that Lucaio is strong. It can also jump into fights very easily and deal a lot of single target damage. Yet, it is the AOE damage that this melee Pokemon does that really pushed it up to A-Tier. Lucario’s Unite Move is very strong in teamfights and when it comes down to fighting for Zapdos, there are rarely moves that can have more of an impact.


There are a lot of Pokemon who are assassins in Pokemon Unite. But none of them are as bursty as Absol. Absol can get in fights and deal damage quickly to one target and then use its Unite Move to finish off any teamfight. The AOE of its Unite Move is incredible and it is the main reason Absol is in A-Tier.


Another great All-Around Pokemon, Garchomp is similar to Cinderace in that it has a major weakness, getting to it. Gibble and Gabite just aren’t as strong as Garchomp and it is the hardest Pokemon to level up to. This is because Garchomp is a major late-game carry and the only Pokemon in the game to need level 10 before evolving. If the team is down then Garchomp loses a lot of its carry ability. If they are winning and can get to Garchomp sooner then it becomes an absolute monster and is able to take over nearly any game.


Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List B Tier
Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List B Tier


Any rational person would think that Eldegoss would be much higher than this considering it is the only healing Pokemon in the game. The problem is, right now, Pokemon Unite is not in desperate need of a healer as there are plenty of ways for Pokemon to heal or gain shields. Even still Eldegoss is especially useful when on the opponent’s side of the map. It provides solid CC and buffs all while also healing in areas that are harder for their allies to find health.


Wigglytuff is an interesting Pokemon in this early meta. It feels like there is a way for it to be extremely strong as Sing is possibly one of the best moves in the game. That said, it is still missing something. Either way, this is one of the Pokemon to watch for as it could climb up tier lists very quickly once players actually start using it more and finding interesting techniques for it.

Mr. Mime

Similar to Wigglytuff, Mr. Mime just is not used all that much, yet. Mr. Mime certainly could also climb tier lists very quickly, mainly because of the incredible about of CC it has. If players learn how to hit his combos along with using his walls correctly Mr. Mime could find a lot more use. For now, it is going to sit in B-Tier because Mr. Mime also does not do much damage and is made weaker by simply being melee.


Another Pokemon that is not first to come to mind when thinking about the Roster for Pokemon Unite but it definitely brings a unique kit with it. Dwebble is able to evolve into Crustle quickly which allows it to become a very bulky early to mid-game Pokemon. Its mix of different abilities, specifically Rock Tomb are where it is able to shine. The biggest issue for Crustle is that it is really mostly a punching bag with limited CC which means that for right now Snorlax is the best defender option.


In Pokemon Unite every Pokemon has a few different moves to chose from and the goal is to adapt to certain situations and comps one might fight against. Slowbro’s main issue is that while it has damaging moves, most of its damage is saved for its Unite Move. Considering Slowbro only gets it once or twice a game it can really hinder it. That said it is a defender and a pretty bulky one, to say the least. Add in decent CC and Slowbro is a nice option as a defender if Snorlax is not available.


Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List C Tier
Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List C Tier


Starting off the list of favorite Pokemon who are a bit underwhelming is Gengar. When looking at all of the assassin-type options, Gengar is sadly one of the worst. That said, considering the game is relatively balanced, Gengar is still fun and able to deal decent damage. Its problem is that healing in the game is pretty strong so its DOT (damage over time) is not all that great and easily able to be disregarded. There are just better options than Gengar right now but hopefully, some buffs to it or nerfs to overall healing might help Gengar to stand out more.


Greninja certainly has one of the highest skill caps in the game. In games like this, that normally means they start off in a lower tier and can work their way up. For Greninja this might be the case as it can get in fights, stealths out and recovers a solid amount of health. The problem is that its burst damage is pretty low and feels like it needs more to be a true assassin instead of just a solid DPS. For this reason alone it will start in C-Tier.


If there is a ranking that is going to be flamed (no pun intended) this one will be it. Charizard is as popular if not more so than Pikachu. Unfortunately for Charizard fans, it just is a pretty average Pokemon right now in Pokemon Unite. Charmander is basically a melee Pokemon to start and while its attacks become ranged, Charizard surprisingly does not do nearly as much damage as one would like. Seismic Slam, its Unite Move, is able to do plenty of damage but it is pretty easy to avoid as well. There are some aspects of Charizard that either need a buff or potentially a full-on change for it to be the monster many would love for it to be.


Venusaur is sadly one of the worst Pokemon for its role, Attacker. It feels like with its moves that Venusaur would be better as All-Around. As an Attacker, it is just too squishy and does not fill the role of ranged spellcaster as well as it should. Verdant Anger, Venusaur’s Unite Move, is very underwhelming as well and is pretty hard to hit considering so many Pokemon can dash away. Buffs are likely needed for Venusaur to truly fill its role as a DPS threat.


Ninetales is all about CC and damage layered on top to create this ice queen that so many games have. The main issue with Ninetales is that it is a ranged champion with a Unite Move that requires Ninetales to be in the middle of a teamfight. That wouldn’t be an issue if Ninetales had any way to get to its opponent quickly or draw them in. Instead, it basically has to suicide into the middle of a fight and hope it doesn’t die before getting its Unite Move off. Until some changes are made to help Ninetales, it might be sitting near the bottom for a bit.


Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List D Tier


It is sad to have to put only one Pokemon in D-Tier but Talonflame fits that right now. It is surely the fastest Pokemon in the game, the problem is the meta at this time does not seem to need Pokemon that are only fast. While its damage leaves a lot to be desired, its Unite Move is one of the worst in the game. Not only does it have a charge time, but it also just moves Pokemon, something that so many basic abilities already do for many other Pokemon. Talonflame is in need of serious buffs for it to be a top-tier pick in Pokemon Unite.

Not in the Game Yet

Day 1 Pokemon Unite Tier List Not

These Pokemon are not currently in the game so they cannot be ranked at this time. Once they are added, they will make their way into the TGH Tier-Lists.




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