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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Tier List: Aegislash Release Edition

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Solo queue is a very daunting journey in Pokemon Unite that can easily overwhelm any player attempting to climb. To help players understand the meta, and therefore climb more efficiently, here is a Pokemon Unite Tier List catered towards solo ranked play. This tier list applies partially for duos and trios, but definitely doesn’t pertain for groups of five. In addition, this particular tier list released right upon Aegislash’s debut in Pokemon Unite. The hierarchy of pokemon may change as more research is acquired.

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All Roles

As a whole, the S tier picks perform wonders at solo carrying a game. Whether it’s through damage, healing, crowd control, or even dunking goals, they easily take the MVP label during the post-game screen. Locking in these picks, provided they go in the proper lane, drastically increases solo queue success rate.

The A tier are also quite good, but are a bit more team reliant than the S tier. In essence, they require a bit more nuanced conditions. Some picks absolutely need a front line or designated scorers, while a handful of them lack damage but instead provide massive utility.

Most of the B tier pokemon have better counterparts in both the A tier and the S tier. But for those who are really fond of the pokemon, they can definitely still experience success.

And lastly, the C tier pokemon should be avoided when attempting to maximize win rates in ranked matches. They can still pop off, but the conditions required are definitely pretty niche. Either the enemy has to not know how to play against them, or the entire team has to accommodate for their playstyles. Whatever the case, they’re not optimal for solo queue environments.

With all the overall rankings out of the way, time to get into each individual role, with some noteable picks for each one. Starting with the supporters.


Mr. Mime

This pokemon is honestly a monster in solo queue. It’s labeled as a “supporter,” but Mr. Mime is pretty far from a conventional support. The pick wasn’t very strong for quite a while, but the more people are understanding how to play it, the more terrifying it seems to become. Mr. Mime’s early game burst damage is not balanced, especially when angling and timing its skill shot against terrain. And once Mr. Mime learns its Unite Move, the pick wrecks havoc during team fights. Though not the easiest pokemon to master, requiring strong game knowledge and positioning, the high skill ceiling on the pokemon is absolutely worth learning.


Both Sing and Rollout are fantastic moves on Wigglytuff. The amount of crowd control this pokemon brings into the big team fights at Dreadnaw, Rotom, and Zapdos is insane. Sing is easier to use, while Rollout definitely has a higher skill ceiling. But whatever the case, building Wigglytuff with pure defensive held items allows the pokemon to become an absolute unit. Its passive causes pokemon to walk towards it, but thanks to its defensive capabilities, Wigglytuff fears no man or pokemon.

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The lazy water pokemon is one of those cases where if the team knows how to play around it, it’s incredibly overpowered. Therefore when playing in groups, it’d be an easy S tier pokemon. But unfortunately, because communication and teamwork barely exists in solo queue, Slowbro is at an A tier. Slowbro excels at locking down enemies for absurdly long periods of time. The issue is that it struggles to execute the enemy, but the ample opportunity of time it creates is more than enough for its teammates to take them down instead.


The tree pokemon performs wonders when playing for objectives. Thanks to its area of effect, multiple hitting moves alongside CC, Trevenant can interrupt the enemies’ scoring quite effectively. In regards to sustain, no other pokemon beats Trevenant right now. But if the pokemon gets locked down, especially when under leveled, the tree burns down real quick. Therefore, Trevenant is a great pick, but very dependent on match ups.



The newest addition to pokemon unite definitely is pretty decent, but only if built with the right items and move sets. Check out the exact build here for more details. For its shield moves, Wide Guard is honestly pretty bad. Unless it receives buffs, the moves utility falls off very hard since it requires Aegislash to stand still. And in a fast paced team game, staying still really isn’t the most optimal.


The fire-breathing gen one start is really strong right now. Especially once it reaches the final evolution, Charizard shreds through both tanks and squishies alike. But keep in mind, Charizard requires levels and its final evolution to really impact the game. That aspect of the pokemon remains unchanged.


This particular pokemon saw a lot of nerfs, attempting to fix the pokemon’s balance. But recently, the buff to close combat practically broke Lucario. The move buff was attempting to replace bone rush, in order to create more healthy playstyles. But what happened instead was that the move became absurdly strong. Builds and playstyles are still developing for the new Lucario build, but don’t sleep on this pick.


Pokemon Unite Tier List

There are no S tier attackers in this role. The strange thing about Attackers currently is that almost every attacker on here has either an speedster or an all rounder that simply performs its job better. In the Dragonite dominant meta, why lock in squishy pokemon when Dragonite’s high base stats and burst damage pretty much outweighs every attacker?


If having to choose from the list, Pikachu is definitely the strongest attacker, at least in competitive play. Its fast charging unite move alongside area of effect damage allows for very well optimized team fights. But in solo queue, the pokemon relies heavily on front liners to soak the damage. And considering most players play selfishly in solo queue ranked games, therefore expecting a front line to peel for Pikachu is unrealistic.



This pokemon is surprisingly powerful. Thanks to its insane mobility, Talonflame can traverse the map and score huge game changing points with goal getter and score shield. And to add to the mix, Talonflame excels at securing objectives such as Dreadnaw and Articuno. And considering these are the key to winning practically every game in Pokemon Unite, the bird is truly one of the greatest solo queue picks for ranking up. The only caveat surrounding the pick is that it definitely does play selfishly. But for those trying to pick the pokemon up, that could actually be seen as a plus!


This pokemon is a far way from it’s prime, but still quite good. Similar to Aegislash, Zeraora’s strenghts shine when in an optimal match up. Therefore, when wielded by knowledgeable players, the pick still shines. But the issue with the pick is that it’s quite selfish by nature, often causing allies to become quite tilted. Unlike Talonflame, who excels at objective steals, Zeraora struggles timing its moves to last hit the Wild pokemon without dying.

In Conclusion

And that is all! Keep in mind, this Pokemon Unite tier list is very much catered towards solo queue. It’s applicable for duo and trio as well, since the 1-3-1 strategy doesn’t see play in duo/trio queues. For those who don’t know, 1-3-1 is when one pokemon goes top, one goes mid, and three go bot. This is the dominant meta for competitive play, but does not see play in the majority of ranked games, outside of premade full parties. There’ll be a separate tier list going over that, so stay tuned. In addition, this tier list will be updated as more experience with the newest update is acquired. So make sure to come back regularly to check in on what’s changed!

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