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All Pokemon Unite Sylveon Skins

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon skins

Pokemon Unite is certainly a game that has taken the gaming world by storm. The long-awaited Pokemon MOBA is giving fans their taste of Pokemon and League of Legends or DOTA being combined into one. Similarly to how both of those games work, there are items, different characters to use, lanes, abilities and so much more. One of the most important aspects of these games though are skins. With that, here is a look at all of the Pokemon Unite Sylveon Skins.

Please note that this page will continue to update as more skins are revealed for Sylveon. Also that these skins are called holowear in Pokemon Unite. Below is a look at all of the ones that are in the game currently.

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Poncho Style

Sylveon sports a a yellow coat that goes over the top of its back and on the bottom, it has four ankle warmers around its paws. It is purchasable from the Zirco Trading Shop for 400 gems. .

Sylveon is an attacker that can put out some strong damage while also having incredibly mobile. Added into Unite in early October, the eeveelution received nerfs immediately after release. As a very cute, charismatic pokemon, there is also no doubt that it will be a Pokemon that will likely see a lot of skins/holowear added for it in the future.

Players are able to buy holowear either by buying gems or holowear tickets. These are both in-game currencies and both can be bought with real money. That said, holowear tickets can be earned or won through the lottery system within the game.

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