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Pokemon Unite Sylveon Moveset Leaked

Pokemon Unite Sylveon

Pokemon Unite Sylveon’s moves recently leaked, alongside its leveling and release date. Set to drop on October 6, Sylveon releases two weeks after the mobile port’s official debut. This potentially foretells the time for next patch update, seeing as how Blastoise’s release was accompanied with a patch as well. The newly releasing eeveelution marks yet another attacker in the constantly evolving mobile MOBA.

Leveling Patterns

The pokemon starts off as Eevee initially, evolving into Sylveon upon reaching level 4. In regards to evolutions, Sylveon’s scales similar to Ninetails. Seeing as how they are both four legged, adorable Pokemon with ranged auto attack and abilities, expect the two to play relatively similarly. But whether Sylveon will be as strong as Ninetails, only time will truly tell.

Abilities Analysis

Eevee’s first move, Swift, turns into either Mystical Fire or Hyper Voice at level 4. Both moves deal multiple hits, with Hyper Voice seeming to be the more readily available move with a shorter cooldown. The move deals more damage based on distance from the target, therefore rewarding Sylveon for skillfully positioning around a fight. Mythical Fire, on the other hand,  provides more utility by decreasing the target’s special attack. This move may provide insane benefits, but only hands on experience can truly gauge the move’s viability.

Baby-Doll Eyes decreases the enemy’s attack, similar to Mythic Fire’s passive. When Sylveon reaches level 6, players must choose Draining Kiss or Calm Mind. Both have double the cooldown of Baby-Doll Eyes, standing at a 10 second recharge time. Calm Mind increases Sylveon’s special attack, special defense, and movement speed. This buff will allow Sylveon to traverse the map more effectively, but the move seems to lack direct damage. The special attack buff needs to be quite significant for Calm Mind to see relevance in the meta. Draining Kiss, on the other hand, heals Sylveon and damages the enemy target while decreasing its movement speed. Honestly, judging from description alone, Draining Kiss seems to be the better move by far.

Both Slyveon’s Unite Move alongside its characteristic point towards a castor pokemon that relies on dealing damage to heal itself. Fairy Frolic mirrors Eldegoss’s Unite Move, but drops at a much faster rate while providing healing only for itself. Chances are, Shell Bell will synergize amazingly with the pick, alongside Focus Band.

For a gameplay leak, watch this video:

In Conclusion

Sylveon looks fantastic, mirroring the playstyle of Ahri from League of Legends. Though impossible to predict Sylveon’s exact strength in the meta until official release, the pokemon is sure to add much needed play variety for those looking for another attacker type to play on Pokemon Unite.

The predicted build for Sylveon is Focus Band, Shell Bell, and Wise Glasses. For moves, Draining Kiss and Mystical Flare seem to be the best moves to go.

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