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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Guide: Day One

Pokemon Unite Sylveon Guide

Hi, Trainers, it is new character day. Sylveon is now on the lanes and for those looking to better understand the newly released pokemon, here is a Pokemon Unite Sylveon Guide. This guide analyzes the attacker’s moves, alongside presenting an optimal move set and item build that priorities Sylveon’s dueling potential. In this build, the pick relies on decreasing the opponents’ stats, while increasing its own to successfully out play the enemy.

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Sylveon is the famous fairy-type eeveelution and a ranged attacker.

Sylveon’s star ratings are listed below:

Offense: 3 1/2

Endurance: 1 1/2

Mobility: 1 1/2

Scoring: 3 1/2

Support: 3 1/2

Sylveon evolves at level four, making the pick a relatively fast scaling attacker. For some reference, that is the same level Vulpix evolves into Ninetales. While it seems to be sporting middle-of-the-road stats, Sylveon’s attack and scoring stats are high enough to be on par with other high-tier picks. Sylveon’s performance can arguably rank higher depending on the items given to it. With the right held item build, the pick destroys, scaling damage dealt with damage received, alongside maximizing the healing on Sylveon’s kit to further extend its durability.

Battle Items

Pokemon Unite Eject Button Builds | Stats, How To Get, Best With
Eject Button

For those familiar with Pokemon Unite, Eject Button should come as no surprise. The positional advantages alongside overall utility from the item provides fantastic results for mobile attacker like Sylveon.

Pokemon Unite Full Heal Item Stats
Full Heal

For those looking for an alternative to Eject Button, Full Heal is an excellent option as well. Since Sylveon is reliant on moving around to position effectively, Full Heal ensures that Sylveon is undeterred by the crowd control effects of the enemy. Of course, X-Speed and X-Attack are also viable options too, albeit definitely more situational.

Held Items

Wise Glasses Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Wise Glasses

These pair of glasses are debatably the strongest special attack held item in the game. Wise Glasses provides a phenomenal foundation of special attack stats to draw upon, making it the perfect item for Sylveon. Out of all held items in this guide, Wise Glasses is definitely the least replaceable.

Choice Specs Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Choice Specs

The special attack scaling on Choice Specs on Sylveon is excellent. Synergizing with Wise Glasses, the two make for a deadly combo. Slyveon’s damage with these two items is out of this world, capable of bursting down any squishy target in the game.

Buddy Barrier Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Buddy Barrier

This item is simply busted. Buddy Barrier’s utility through base health stats alongside barrier upon unite move activation provides Sylveon a very big margin of error. Considering Sylveon learns its unite move very early at level 8, Buddy Barrier is definitely worth the bang for its buck. With the item, Sylveon becomes essentially unkillable when activating Fairy Frolic.

Alternative Held Items

Shell Bell Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Shell Bell

Though an overall underwhelming item, Shell Bell functions excellently on Sylveon. Since this specific build prioritizes Sylveon’s healing capabilities, Shell Bell synergizes perfectly with the main objective. Of course, for those looking for pure damage, consider swapping Shell Bell out for Choice Specs instead.

Focus Band Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Focus Band

Since Sylveon needs to remain alive to heal HP, Focus Band provides the defensive stats necessary for the Pokemon to survive. The item grants healing when reaching low health, synergizing with Sylveon’s already powerful innate sustainability. For players looking for a defensive item, Focus Band is fantastic on the pokemon.

Best Moves

As previously mentioned, this specific guide prioritizes Sylveon’s regeneration. By debuffing enemies, while regaining health alongside increasing its own movement speed, these moves allow Sylveon to become an absolute nuisance for the enemy team.

Mystical Fire

Has the user create four small flames while advancing in the designated direction. The flames shoot toward opposing Pokemon one by one, dealing damage and decreasing the opposing Pokemon’s Sp. Atk for a short time when they hit. Each time a flame hits, it reduces the cooldown of this move. When upgraded, the number of flames increases by one.

The alternative move, Hyper Voice, unleashes an attack of multiple sound waves that deal damage when they hit. The damage they deal increases the farther the target is from the user. This creates a situation of high risk for high reward. Positioning to maximize the damage for Hyper Voice can become tedious, making it unfriendly for those who lack the knowledge to wield the move effectively. Every time a sound wave hits, the next sound wave’s damage increases. When upgraded, the number number of sound waves increases by one.

Both moves are fantastic, but the reason Mystical Fire is recommended is primarily due to the dash provided. Since the cooldown on the move decreases with each subsequent hit, Sylveon dashes around faster than almost every pokemon in the game. In addition, Sylveon’s unite move, Fairy Frolic, restores HP based on the damage Sylveon deals. As a whole, hitting Mystical Fire is far easier than Hyper Voice, making the move more reliable to sustain off of when following up Syvelon’s unite move. Hyper Voice, on the other hand, is better at controlling objectives thanks to the powerful area of effect damage.

Draining Kiss

The user blows a kiss at the opposing Pokemon that goes back and forth between the user and the opposing Pokemon. This replenishes HP for Sylveon as well as slows the opponent down. When upgraded it increases the amount of HP this move restores. The direct HP restoration from Draining Kiss makes it the perfect move for this particular build, comboing phenomenally well with the additional healing passive of Sylveon’s unite move.

The alternative, Calm Mind, has the user quietly focus its mind and calm its spirit to increase Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and movement speed for a short time. When upgraded and for one time per match, if the user is hit by an opposing Pokemon’s move, the damage is nullified and the user is given a shield. The utility on this move is phemonal, and definitely makes it amazing on its own. But for this particular build, Draining kiss simply correlates more directly with the main purpose.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind, there are many different, viable ways to play a pokemon. Sylveon is no exception. This particular guide and build is not to be treated as a strict set, but rather hopefully teaches players the base analysis and understanding of how to build Sylveon.

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