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Pokemon UNITE Surrender Guide

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Greetings Trainers, it is that time of the week again. Quitting is never a way to achieve victory. But sometimes, it is important to know when victory is out of one’s reach. There are times in the field when a team leaves one lane and the enemy pulls too far ahead. Sometimes, one have an opportunity to turn the tables, but the fates decide that this is not one’s game to get Zapdos. This Pokemon UNITE surrender guide will give players the steps for throwing in the towel when all really is lost in a UNITE game.

How to Surrender

Surrender Menu for Pokemon UNITE
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Step 1. Have fun. Turns out that the surrender feature does not become available until halfway through the game. Obviously, it is tempting to quit at the first sign of potential defeat. However, the Pokemon Company can’t have players just quit potentially even two minutes into the match. Relax and give the match a genuine effort. Who knows, maybe one’s team will get the Zapdos and pull through at the last minute. With numerous possibilities, don’t let anger rob one of a good experience.

Step 2. When the option becomes available and everyone on the team is absolutely getting reckt, press the pause button to bring up the match stats page.

Step 3. Press the minus button to bring up the settings page, where one will be able to press x to initiate a surrender vote.

Step 4. Get four votes and the match will end immediately with the surrendering team’s defeat.

Now, this brings up a crucial question: Should a team surrender? It depends. As said above, sometimes a match is lost and it is okay to admit when one can’t win. However, keep in mind that in ranked, surrendering counts as a regular loss and will be reflected in the player’s record. The best answer is to truly give it the best effort before deciding that the white flag should be raised.


In the end, this Pokemon UNITE surrender guide should help teams decide when surrender is truly necessary. What any players should keep in mind is that if one loses or have to surrender a match, don’t let it discourage them. Losing a battle does not mean one’s personal climb is over. Upgrade items, hit the practice mode and win the next matches.

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