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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Snowball Battle in Shivre City

Pokemon Unite Snowball Battle

Joining in on the holiday festivities is a brand new game mode: Snowball Battle in Shivre City! This 4v4 game mode places players in a very small map. Since Pokemon Unite Snowball Battle is the key to unlocking the unique Christmas themed event rewards, make sure to spam Snowball Battle while its still available.

There are still three lanes, but they’re positioned in very close vicinity to one another. Since the game is a quickplay mode, Snowball Battle is not available for ranked play. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun, and that playing the game mode doesn’t reward the player.

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Special Battle Items

Snowball Battle in Shivre City has something called special battle items. These items drastically change the tides of combat. Especially since the map is smaller than usual, and only lasts for 5 minutes, abusing these special battle items is key to winning.

To acquire special battle items, players need to acquire presents dropped from Wild Pokemon. Specifically, Delibird, the red and white bird pokemon, drops presents and is positioned throughout the map. It doesn’t matter who gets the last hit on the pokemon. All that matters is who picks the present up.

The available special battle items are: Reposition, Healing Bomb, Gravity Smoke, and Snowball. 

Reposition switches the position of the player’s pokemon with that of a target enemy’s, while granting a small barrier. Meanwhile, Healing Bomb throws out an area of effect circle that heals all allies over time. Gravity Bomb draws in enemies who remain in the circle thrown out after a delayed time. Snowball is reminiscent of the pumpkin transformation, allowing players to transform into a snowball that knocks all enemies they travel through. But keep in mind, players are not invulnerable while in this state.

Abusing these mechanic makes for some incredible plays, so make sure to pick up as many presents as possible in the new game mode. It also helps that a large majority of the events necessary for the Holiday Celebration Event require the usage of these items.

Snowman transformation

Pokemon Unite Snowball Battle

Wave hello to the cute snowman!

Upon fainting, playable pokemon magically transform into a snowman. Instead of waiting on the typical respawn timer, this snowman stays at the position of death. Easily the best aspect of Pokemon Unite Snowball Battle, players can strike cute poses and jump in place while witnessing the mayhem unravel around them.

The timer, similar to the respawn timers in the usual game modes, becomes longer the more the game draws out. But unlike the typical respawn timer, the snowmen simply melt and allow players to continue the game from the exact position that they fainted in.

In Conclusion

This new game mode, although not the most balanced, is a get way to get some quick fun in. At half the time of a ranked game, Pokemon Unite Snowball Battle is a combat intensive game mode that does a great job at celebrating the winter festivities. Keep in mind, playing this game mode is an absolute necessity to earn the holiday rewards. After all, the daily missions and challenge missions can only be accomplished exclusively on Pokemon Unite Snowball Battle.

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