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Pokemon Unite Shiny League November Emerald Event Recap

The Pokemon Unite Shiny League November Emerald Event is now in the history books. November’s major event saw some of the most surprising results to date. The Pokemon Unite Shiny League presented by and Daniel “aDrive” Clap is gaining traction. With 67 entrants and new teams rising to the top, this Emerald Event did not disappoint. Here is a look back at how Saturday, November 13’s event went.


Shiny League November Emerald


This event came as quite the shock for those who have been keeping up. A newcomer by the name of Bad Macro Flip Bird took home first place. It was widely expected that TTV would run away with this event. They were nearly unstoppable in last month’s Emerald tournament. On Friday, November 12, they competed in a warmup tournament in preparation for this event and they dominated.

TTV seemed destined to make the finals in this tournament as well. But as it turns out, the competition is growing at a rapid rate. Not only did they fail to win the tournament, but TTV missed out on the finals completely. Their rival team TIRE knocked them out in the losers bracket. At the same time, Bad Macro Flip Bird took them by surprise in the top bracket.

Led by rank 70 player SnowpointsTV, this is full of dangerous superstars. They won every single game they played. Top teams such as TTV, TIRE and aDrive’s Team Shiny all came up short. Some new kings arrived on the scene and they kicked off their Shiny League campaign with a bang.

Finishing behind them were many of the typical suspects. Tire, Valhalla, TTV, Juicy Timis, Team Shiny and Ascendance all had relevance once again. Some other new teams on the rise had impressive showings as well. Suckerbunch, Bandicoots and 12345 are relatively new but they all finished in the top 13.


Shiny League November Event

The post-Emerald Event standings see a shakeup in where teams place. TIRE took the lead as the top team in the standings with 1475 points. Close behind them is TTV and White Flag Gaming who have over 1000 points each.

It’s worth noting that Bad Macro Bird Flip automatically hit the top five threshold just from this one tournament. First place in the Emerald Events is worth 750 points which means they are right behind aDrive’s Team Shiny now. As for the playoff hopefuls, newcomers such as 12345 are in the hunt. Any teams with at least 200 points are in contention for the playoffs currently.

New Teams Taking Over

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Image: The Pokemon Company

This tournament saw multiple new teams steal the spotlight. This could just be the beginning too. Many high-level players are not on a team still. As word of the Shiny League continues to get passed around, more interest is likely to be generated. Since October, multiple promising teams have joined the competition.

If the trend of strong newcomers continues into the final months of play, the final 16 should be fairly stacked. If that is the case, January could showcase the highest level of competition this game has ever seen. The epic rivalries could really take it to the next level. The fire was lit thanks to the Shiny League November Emerald Event. Now it’s a matter of waiting to see what happens next.


pokemon unite masters

Since the tournament concluded, aDrive’s Twitch channel alone has nearly 14,000 viewers from the event. ADrive tends to upload the VODs on a secondary YouTube channel as well. And whenever his team does well, he usually posts the results on his main channel. And now that more players have started to stream from their point of view, the potential exposure for the Shiny League has grown exponentially.

Top players such as GoofGG and CrisHeroes each brought in around 10,000 viewers. Other top-level players who participated brought in anywhere from 500-2,000 views each. It is more than just aDrive bringing in the views these days and that only has the potential to grow as more players join the league. Needless to say, the Shiny League is in a great spot and hope is still alive that it helps jumpstart a Pokemon Unite esports scene.

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