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Pokemon Unite Shiny League December Emerald Event Preview

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The Pokemon Unite Shiny League by Daniel “aDrive” Clap is down to its final two months. On Saturday, December 11, the third of four Emerald Premier Events takes place. These events usually have the best turnout due to the overwhelming compensation on the line. Here’s a preview of the Pokemon Unite Shiny League December Emerald Event.


december emerald event

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The December Emerald Event tournament is a double-elimination bracket. With over 40 participants already, there will be plenty of action throughout the entire night. The top bracket matches will be the best of three. Meanwhile, those who go down to the lower bracket will compete in a best of one, with the loser getting eliminated from the tournament.

What’s on the Line

December Emerald Event

Emerald Events are the most valuable tournaments in the Shiny League. They offer the best awards, hence why most teams participate in them. First place takes home 750 league points. Anyone who manages to at least get top 13 gets 50 points. These points have great importance for both low and high-tier teams.

The high-tier teams have the opportunity to get one of the top seeds. Additionally, the lower-tier teams could fight their way into the playoff picture with a decent finish. As it currently stands, 300 points is the threshold for a top 16 spot. The top 16 teams will compete in the finals at the end of the season with a chance to win $10,000. There are 20+ teams who could jump into the playoff picture with even just a top 10 finish in this tournament.



The best teams always show up for the Emerald Events since they are so valuable and provide the best practice. As of the morning of December 10, 48 teams have already signed up for the event.

Some noteworthy participants include TTV, Juicy Timis, TIRE, Ascendance, Valhalla, 12345 and Elite 5.Each of those teams is top 10 in the overall standings. TIRE, TTV and Valhalla actually make up all of the top three. Since signups don’t end until 30 minutes before the start of the tournament, a few other high-ranking teams could still join the action.


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Image: Pokemon Unite

No matter who comes out on top, the December Emerald Event is an easy way for fans to watch some of the best players in the world go head to head. With so many top teams in the league participating, this tournament truly is anyone’s game. However, there are two clear-cut favorites.

TIRE and TTV likely have the best odds. They consistently have finished at or near the top of every tournament they have participated in. TTV and their squad have been grinding hard as of late. They have been practicing nearly every day on their respective streams.

They failed to make the November Emerald Event finals which seemed to have served as a wakeup. With their newfound determination, they might be the best bet in this bracket.

How to Watch

december emerald event

There are a variety of streams where trainers can watch this Saturday’s action. Usually, the top teams have some of their players stream from their point of view. The Pokemon Unite section of Twitch will bring up an entire list of players participating in the tournament. A few popular player streams include indiebear, Lutano and GoofGG. Unless Team Shiny decides not to participate, aDrive will likely be streaming from his point of view as well on his Twitch channel.

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