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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Season 3 Start Date and Time

Pokemon Unite Season 3 Start Date

Season 2 of Pokemon Unite has been full of amazing content. From celebrating the New Years alongside Christmas, the festivities brought the holidays for players to commemorate together. Even Halloween Spooktober dropped, releasing multiple new playable pokemon throughout the celebrations. Now as the month of January comes to a close, players may be wondering, what is the Pokemon Unite Season 3 start date?

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Every time players enter ranked, there’s a timer that shows the end of the ranked season. This all points to the ranked season ending at January 30 at 7 pm ETC. Therefore, the next season should start promptly after on January 31. Keep in mind, this is in ETC, so covert the time to adjust for the appropriate time zone. Each ranked season lasts just about three months, and the next season starts around a day after. The ranked rewards for season two depend on the rank that players achieve. Each ranked tier provides more rewards, in addition with the prior benchmark rewards. In essence, Master rank acquires the rewards for Ultra, Veteran, Great, and Beginner Ranks. So make sure to try and climb as much as possible!

Season 2 Review

This entire season definitely served Pokemon Unite very well. In the beginning of Season 1, so many players began the game only to drop it because of the “pay to win” criticism it received. To acquire level 30 items, players pretty much had to whale a big stack of money since the game itself didn’t provide a nearly sufficient amount to properly upgrade items.

But in season 2, the currency system improved drastically. Pokemon Unite handed out three level 30 item upgrades for free, drastically improving the barrier of entry. In addition, mission rewards now grant far more Aoes Tickets than before, which serve as the primary source for held item upgrades. If that wasn’t enough, Pokemon Unite also added so many much appreciated Pokemon.

Decidueye, Greedent, Sylveon, Tsareena, Dragonite all drastically shifted the meta of the game in their own memorable way. Of course, the majority of them released in a pretty broken state, but once balanced out, the new pokemon releases helped create very fun play environments in Pokemon Unite. Hopefully season 3 will continue to build upon the base of improvements provided in season 2.

Season 3

It’s hard to exactly tell what more changes are to come, as Data Leaks and pokemon releases become a bit more secure. Without a doubt, expect some more playable pokemon additions to Pokemon Unite. During the year of 2022, draft picks and bans may make a debut. For such a function to become implemented properly, Pokemon Unite needs to drastically increase their roster of playable pokemon. Therefore, it’s unlikely that Draft and Ban picks will be implemented in season 3. But definitely expect an update on something of the like within the course of this year.

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