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Pokemon UNITE Roles Guide

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Hi, Uniters, get ready for another helpful beginners guide. For players who are trying to figure out what kind of Pokemon they want to play, look no further. This Pokemon UNITE Roles guide will go over each role in the game and help every new player find the right style for them.

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1. Attackers

Pikachu is one of the game’s ranged attackers.

Attackers are the equivalent of ADCs (Automatic Damage Carries) from League of Legends. And when playing one you should always stick with your teammates. Stay with a Defender or All Rounder and do damage from a distance while allowing your bulkier teammates to sponge the damage. In general, attackers should not get in one on one close combat fights. They are very frail and can be picked off before they can escape. Attackers should stay within their goals and get the last hits on wild Pokemon. Attackers don’t always have the best mobility, so something like Eject Button is always a good addition to their kit. However, if that’s not a concern for some players, X-Attack is also a good go-to. Attackers thrive the best in the top lane, but some attackers like Greninja can sometimes utilize the jungle.

2. Speedsters

Absol, one of the best speedsters in the game.

Pokemon in the Speedster class have good offense but have the highest mobility compared to Pokemon in other roles. Those who play the speedster class should focus on helping teammates in both lanes after farming up in Central lane. They should do this by employing hit and run techniques provided by the moves in their kits and players utilizing speedsters like Absol and Gengar should maintain proper map awareness when on the lookout for situations. Like attackers, eject button is the best item to utilize, but if not desirable enough for some players, X Speed is another good choice. Something else to keep in mind is that teams work best when there’s just one speedster on it. If there’s a case where there’s more than one speedster on the team, try to share the jungle as much as possible.

3. All-Rounders

Lucario amongst others are all-rounders players can choose from.

Balanced warriors who can adapt to any situation. Much like defenders, these Pokemon should take the frontlines and provide support for their squishier teammates. All Rounders should be taking the lead. As said before, all Rounders should fill in any situation when a role that’s ideal for a specific need is not available. Use map awareness to decide how you need to play your All-Rounding mon. However, while All-Rounders are good for getting in dirty, avoid fights with ranged attackers as they will have a hard time taking the pressure being dealt to them (unless you’re Machamp and know how to use the invulnerability window given to you by submission). All-Rounders can perform well in ANY lane, so don’t limit yourself. All-rounders, however, can struggle in the beginning, so keep paired up with a supporter to keep them in the battle longer.

4. Defenders

Featured image for Pokemon UNITE Blastoise Guide
Blastoise, one of the best and newest defenders.

Defenders have the highest endurance and carry kits that provide them various methods of protecting their teams, goals, and objectives. They should prioritize crowd control, stopping opponents from killing squishy teammates, and stick to the frontlines with their All-Rounders. Defenders should pair with attackers, so as to protect them from high damage from enemies. Attackers also compensate for defenders’ lack of offensive power. Defenders can thrive in both lanes but are seen more on top.

5. Supporter

Eldegoss is one of the top-tier supporters used for healing attackers and all-rounders.

One of the most important classes, supporters keep their teammates alive with healing or defensive plays. This class is one of the hardest to play and requires quick reaction time. Act as soon as you see a target and know when to stay back or get in close. Supporters can work well with any role, especially All-Rounders, but keep an eye on your teammates and do anything to keep them alive and your goals protected. Supporters are seen more on bot.


Pairing your role to a lane that it can thrive on is extremely important. And it can be beneficial to scoring an easier victory. With this Pokemon UNITE Roles guide in mind, players should be able to pick the one best suited to them and rock the lanes.

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