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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Release Date Revealed

Pokemon Unite Release Date

On Twitter, Pokemon Unite’s release date was finally revealed. Many had been hoping it would be coming sooner rather than later with the Pokemon Unite Beta happening in Canada and their hopes were confirmed. This video about Pokemon Unite came with some other reveals as well. Here is a look at the Pokemon Unite Release Date.

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Below is the tweet from the new Pokemon Unite twitter as well.

Pokemon Unite is a new Pokemon MOBA game coming to mobile and the Nintendo Switch. This game is in a similar vein as League of Legends or DOTA 2. Both games are very popular and have massive fanbases. A marriage of one of the most beloved franchises in the world in Pokemon along with a very popular multiplay-online game like a MOBA seems to be one that should garner a lot of attention.

So far the Pokemon Unite roster consists of about 21 Pokemon. Counting evolutions makes this number go up and many of these Pokemon were confirmed in the latest trailer for the release date of the game. There were also Chinese and Canadian beta screenshots that had leaked a lot of these Pokemon.

The interesting part is that if this game follow normal mobas and games in general, there will be more Pokemon released as the game goes on. So if a player does not see their favorite Pokemon in the game, do not fret, they could be added in the future. One has to think there will be a new one released with the game’s official release worldwide.

Now that more is known about Pokemon Unite, the release date will be split for the Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. The Pokemon Unite release date for the Nintendo Switch has been confirmed to be, July 21 2021 while the Pokemon Unite release date for mobile will be September 2021. 

Neither has had their exact date confirmed at this time though it seems likely it will be earlier in each month.

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