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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon UNITE Pikachu Skins

Pokemon UNITE Pikachu Skins

Greetings trainers, it’s time to talk about another set of Pokemon skins. Today, the Pokemon mascot is in the spotlight. This look at the Pokemon UNITE Pikachu Skins will cover all of the holowear provided by Zirco Trading.

Hip-Hop Style

Pokemon UNITE Pikachu Skins

The first skin we will go over is the Hip-Hop style. This is the first holowear Pikachu ever got and it makes it look like it’s getting ready to end someone’s rap career. This outfit consists of a purplish hoodie with a white baseball cap on. A black lightning bolt shows itself on the hat and a gold Pokeball rests on the back of the jacket.

Unfortunately for the player base, this holowear was only available as a reward for the first Battle Pass and is no longer available. A very sad fact for those gunning to collect all of the skins for all of the characters; however, no one knows whether or not the Pokemon Company will bring this skin back. So, keep optimistic players.

Fashionable Style

Pokemon UNITE Pikachu Skins

The second skin Pikachu has is called the Fashionable Style. This skin dresses Pika up in a light green suit jacket topped with a pink bow tie. Pika also now has a cream-colored sun hat with flowers on the brim.

This skin costs 20 holo-tickets or 400 gems if one does not care about microtransactions. This skin is limitless timed, so players can take all the time they want trying to earn it.

Orange and Purple UNITE Style

Pokemon UNITE Pikachu SkinsPokemon UNITE Pikachu Skins

These are two of the newest skins Pika got after the Season 2 update. These 2 holowears are modeled after the two outfit sets beginner players get at the start of the game. For the orange style, Pikachu has the orange sweatshirt that the player avatars get, along with the orange cap with a Pokeball symbol on it. The outfit is orange on the front and black on the back, with a green half-circle sprouting from the bottom.

This skin costs 18 holo-tickets or 350 gems.

For the Purple UNITE style, Pikachu has the same purple sweatshirt and a visor instead of a cap. The outfit is purple on the front and white on the back with a black half-circle.

This style costs the same amount of tickets as the Orange style and the same amount of gems.

Festival Style

Pokemon UNITE Pikachu Skins

Lastly, we get to the most ornate and beautiful holowear Pika has, the Festival Style. This limited-time skin has Pikachu wearing a light and dark blue kimono with a red and white obi-belt around its waist.It also has a red and white ribbon on the left side of its face.

This skin can only be obtained by pre-ordering the Pokemon UNITE Mobile port, making this no longer available. At this moment, the Pokemon Company has shared no plans of bringing this skin back any time soon.

These are all of Pikachu’s skins so far. For only 5 of them, it offers a lot to the differing tastes of many players. One thing that can be said for sure is that these are not the only skins Pikachu is gonna get, so hopefully, this Pokemon UNITE Pikachu Skin look has made everyone excited for more possibilities to be gifted to the electric mouse.

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