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Pokemon Unite New Held Items

New held items

Pokemon Unite new held items held items drastically change the meta of the game. Choice specs, Razor Claw, and Weakness Policy all dropped with the mobile release. Unite also provided players with Super Item Enhancers, which begs the question, are the new items worth investing in? When considering this question, players need to take into account the applicability of each item. As a whole, the brand new additions to the held item roster are very strong, well rounded items. They are all definitely worth using. But the new items are very specifically catered to particular play styles and Pokemon. This article will go over when and how to use each item.

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Choice Specs:

pokemon unite new held items
choice specs

This item ensures that each move deals a minimum base damage, scaling with special attack. The higher the upgrade, the more the minimum damage increases.

Apparently, this move only works on a single target. Though not officially stated, players researched and practiced the item so others do not have to. If Pokemon could stack the usage over and over, Choice Specs would be fantastic. Pokemon, like Venusaur, would be able to abuse the item’s passive. Unfortunately, Choice specs has around an 8 second cooldown. The hidden cooldown drastically hinders the item’s viability. The new item lack the scaling and overall damage numbers to warrant utilizing super item enhancers.

Razor Claw

Unite new held items
Razor Claw

For those familiar with League of Legends, Razor Claw is essentially Sheen. After the Pokemon uses a move, the next basic attack deals extra damage scaling with attack. Melee attackers also gain a small slow upon auto attacking with the enhanced attack. But the slow is relatively negligible, as it is super small.

The additional stats provided are a little negligible, since the critical rates do not scale very high. Especially since the item has a short built in cooldown, the difference in numbers for level 30 compared to 20 are not very substantial. In essence, unlike Choice Specs, players cannot stack the damage over and over in a short period of itme. But the item is becoming a staple for auto attack reliant attack scaling carries. The utility from the bonus damage provided after a move usage is incredibly high. Once again, the item does not work well for everyone, and is much better catered to specific picks.

Pokemon that love this item include but are not limited to Absol, Cinderace, and Greninja. These picks all love to spam their abilities, and auto attack thereafter. In Absol’s case, the Pokemon naturally has enhanced basic attacks after practically every skill usage. Razor Claw synergizes with the bonuses, alongside providing more crit strike. These are key aspects of Absol’s kit, making the item irreplaceable on the assassin. For other basic attack reliant carries, the item definitely has its use. Razor claw is a top tier item that puts in massive amounts of work on specific picks. For those maining Pokemon that can make good use of Razor Claw, do NOT feel bad about upgrading it.

Weakness Policy 

New held items
Weakness Policy


The newest addition to tank items provides both attack and HP. When a Pokemon using Weakness Policy gets hit, they gain attack minimum to 2% of the damage they received. But keep in mind, 2% is only for when the item is at level 1. When fully upgraded, the item grants 3% instead, with +250 health and +15 attack compared to 80 health and – attack at level 1. This item also does not have a built in cooldown, procing immediately after receiving damage. Therefore, maxing out the item upgrade definitely has benefits. But is the item itself good?

General front-line Pokemon, such as Lucario and Machamp, make great use of the item. These picks absolutely need to go in to deal their essential damages, meaning they are bound to receive plenty of damage as well. Especially when comboed with Focus Band, Weakness Policy grants amazing stat upgrades during key team fights. The bonus health and attack grant Pokemon, like Lucario, amazing grit, capable of staying alive forever while becoming stronger as the fight goes on. On the right Pokemon, Weakness Policy is irreplaceable. The item provides amazing utility and base stat upgrades that ensure that specific picks shine.

When considering which Pokemon benefit from Weakness Policy, players need to keep in mind the damage typing of the specific Pokemon. Many front liners, such as Blastoise and Wigglytuff, use special attack rather than attack. This makes the item a little limiting in regards to versatility, since many beefier Pokemon would not benefit from the additional attack. For those who do not play attack scaling front liners, definitely spend Super Item Enhancers on other held items. But for those who love physical attacking front line Pokemon, such as Garchomp, Lucario, Machamp, or even Crustle, the item is well worth the upgrades (this list is not definitive).

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In Conclusion

Hopefully this guide provided useful information for those looking to educate themselves on the new item additions. Though they are all fantastic held items, keep in mind when and how to use each item. Since Super Item Enhancers are incredibly rare, gather as much knowledge and information as possible before committing the upgrades.

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