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Pokemon Unite New Charizard Holowear

Every couple of weeks, the mobile pokemon game receives updates. But although it’s been almost a month since the last update, and therefore gameplay content has been a little dry, there’s at least a new accessories releasing relatively consistently. Here’s a Pokemon Unite New Charizard Holowear, officially revealed by Pokemon Unite’s Twitter page.

Honestly, the holowear seems pretty lackluster. It really looks quite basic. For players who love the knight aesthetic, perhaps they would like this new cosmetic. But in the writer’s honest opinion, even players who like knights may be disappointed. Though uncertain as to how much it costs, Knight Style Charizard is undoubtably purchasable only through Aoes gems. In other words, it costs real money.

In conclusion

With no update in sight, having such a poor holowear release definitely doesn’t sit well. Especially considering Charizard received so many skins in the past couple of months, while other pokemon have a lack of support in general. If the holowear actually looked good, then there would be less to complain about. But in general, the holowear looks uninspired, the effects seem poor, and the aesthetic of the skin just doesn’t impress whatsoever.

It would be nice of Pokemon Unite had more of a regular update schedule, similar to League of Legends and Wild Rift. The lack of structure and timing makes predicting the game’s trajectory rather difficult. In essence, an update every two weeks drastically helps the content creators alongside committed fans understand where the game is going.

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