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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite New Battle Pass: Greninja and Sylveon Skin

Pokemon Unite New Battle Pass

Every couple of weeks, the battle pass for Pokemon Unite starts anew. And with each new battle pass, two sets of Holowear release as well. This round is no different, with new cosmetics for both Greninja and Sylveon. Players earn the one at the very beginning level 1 of the Battle Pass upon purchase. In this case, Greninja is the easier to unlock pokemon.

Battle Pass Holowear

Theater Style Greninja

Within each Pokemon Unite New Battle Pass, the beginning skin/Holowear is far more basic than the latter. Greninja simply wears a cute little shirt. Honestly, this particular holowear isn’t anything particularly noteworthy. The animations remain unchanged, therefore the moves look the exact same as the default version.

But the Sylveon skin is another story.

Pokemon Unite New Battle Pass
Fashionable Style Sylveon

The animations on Fashionable Style Sylveon are no joke. Arguably the best Pokemon Unite has ever looked, the crisp moves stand out in the best ways possible. Sylveon’s Unite move creates a crater that resonates with gorgeous lights, patterning a delicate weave. And when returning to base, Sylveon climbs a stair case, elegantly staring into the distance before teleporting away.

For those looking to see the animations for themselves, simply check the video link below. The video also outlines some of the other noteworthy Battle Pass items.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind players still receive certain rewards from the Battle Pass with or without purchasing. Of course, the Holowear/skins for pokemon remain unlocked before purchase, but there’s no real guarantee players will acquire the specific pokemon even after purchasing. In essence, unlocking the skins requires extensive play time, committing to a near daily effort to accomplish missions. So for those uncertain as to whether or not they’ll manage to unlock Sylveon despite purchasing the Battle Pass, wait on it. Players can simply buy the Battle Pass later, and unlock all the previous rewards thereafter.

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