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Pokemon Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Mr. Mime Build and Guide

Pokémon Unite Mr. Mime Build

For those looking to Pokémon Unite Mr. Mime Build, look no further. Mr. Mime is one of the most annoying picks in the game. The clown-like Pokémon is not the most powerful, but his abilities excel and being a nuisance. When taking the right skills and held items, Mr. Mime becomes incredibly hard to deal with. There are many viable ways to play and build the clown, this guide will cover one of its most staple playstyles.

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Mr. Mime Overview

The skilled pantomime Pokémon relies on its overwhelming crowd control to zone out the enemy from key objectives and fights. To keep in line with this playstyle, building Mr. Mime to become a utility tank is the most optimal method of maximizing the pick. Though players can build him as a damage dealer, even with fully damage held items, Mr. Mime will not out damage the likes of actual attackers. The damage builds may be fun, but this guide will prioritize its most efficient play style.

A quick look at Mr. Mime’s base stats should help portray this point:

Offense: 1 1/2 stars

Endurance: 4 stars

Mobility: 1 star

Scoring: 1 1/2 stars

Support: 4 stars

Battle Items

Pokemon Unite venusaur build
Eject Button

Eject button should come as no surprise. The item is still one of the top picks among practically every Pokemon. For those looking for a different playstyle, try Goal Getter or Full Heal instead.


Pokemon Unite Full Heal Item Stats
Full Heal

Full Heal is great for front liners to effectively maneuver the map without getting affected by hindrances. Since tanks are often the focus of the enemy, Full Heal provides a Pokemon like Mr. Mime stronger positional advantages, allowing the pick to prioritize hindering the enemy instead. In addition, the cooldown on the battle item is only 40s.

Pokemon Unite Goal-Getter Item Stats

Goal-Getter is great when Mr. Mime players want to primarily focus on dunking on the enemy team. Comboed with score shield and Sp. Atk Glasses, Mr. Mime can easily dunk on the enemy. This not only annoys its enemies, who can do little to stop the clown from scoring, but it also helps accelerate the allied team’s lead.

Held Items

To be quite frank, Mr. Mime works with a LOT of different variations of held items. The one provided here will focus on making him as annoying to deal with as possible. The build increases his survivability, while granting his abilities enough damage to make Mr. Mime throw down the hurt.

Pokémon Unite Mr. Mime Build
wise glasses

Wise glasses provides Mr. Mime’s abilities the special attack base stats necessary to deal substantial damage. His moves are annoying as is, but when comboed with wise glasses, Mr. Mimes moves are incredibly difficult to deal with.

Pokémon Unite Mr. Mime Build
focus band

Focus band allows Mr. Mime to survive intense team fights. The defensive stats in addition to the healing when low on HP make Mr. Mime hard to kill. And by staying alive despite taking massive damages, Mr. Mime can continue to perform his essential function: annoy the enemy team.

score shield
score shield

Score shield is one of the most annoying items in the game. When properly upgraded, the held item grants the Mon practically guaranteed scores. Score shield’s base health stats combo with focus band, aiding in Mr. Mime’s front line capabilities. The active ability further tilts the enemy team, synergizing wonderfully with Mr. Mime’s already super annoying kit.

Alternatively, players can run buddy barrier, focus band, and wise glasses. Do NOT take these builds as a definitive “best” itemization. Mr. Mime definitely has multiple different styles of play that are equally viable as the next.

Best Moves


This is the bulk of Mr. Mime’s damage, and hands down the most annoying of his skills. Throwing out the skill shot pushes enemy Pokémon backwards, stunning them if shoved into an obstacle. The knock back and hard lockdown from this move is irreplaceable for this particular build. The

The alternative move, Psychic, does not provide as reliable crowd control. Instead, it is better for debuffing the enemy, which is handy in its own way. But for the sake of maximizing Mr. Mime’s annoyance towards the enemy team, Confusion is the better move.


Barrier creates a translucent wall in the designated location that prevents opposing Pokémon from passing. Utilize this move to block off enemy units, and create makeshift obstacles to stun the enemies into with confusion. This combo is super oppressive, and definitely does not feel good to get hit by. Barrier/Confusion is the basis of the entire build and playstyle of this guide.

Guard swap, the substitute for Barrier, has its own uses. As a whole, the move is more versatile since Mr. Mime can cast the ability on both allies and enemies. The issue is, the skill shot is rather difficult to land. Shooting out in a straight line with a rather slow trajectory, misplaying the move is too easy to do. The move increases Mr. Mime’s movement speed, while decreasing the enemies. It also swaps their defense and sp. defense stats. In regards to base utility, guard swap definitely provides more direct advantages to stat upgrades and debuffs. But since its too difficult to master, this guide recommends players abuse the barrier/confusion combo instead.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that this build is meant to prioritize crowd control and hard lock down. Playing Mr. Mime to be a nuisance to the enemy team is one of the best, and easiest, ways to play the Pokémon. But do not misunderstand, and assume that there are no other ways to play the pick. Mr. Mime is one of the most versatile, flexible Pokémon in the game in regards to builds and move sets.

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