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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Masters Tournament #10 Shiny League Recap

Pokemon Unite Masters Tournament

The Pokemon Unite Masters Tournament #10 is officially in the history books. Dozens of last-second participants who signed up helped create some intense, high-level play. A big performance in the Masters Tournament had the potential to help out many playoff hopefuls in the overall standings. As it turns out, multiple stand-out squads took full advantage. Here is a recap of the Pokemon Unite Masters Tournament #10.


Pokemon Unite Masters Tournament


Team TIRE took home first place and 335 league points. They won an astounding eight matches throughout this event. After getting knocked down by Daniel “aDrive” Clap and Team Shiny, TIRE fought their way through the losers bracket.

However, TIRE made it look easy from there on out. Once they made the finals, there was no stopping them. They learned from their previous mistakes and adjusted perfectly. Team Shiny had no answer for their  Wigglytuff composition. It was the first time in weeks where Team Shiny seemed lost.

aDrive and his squad absolutely steamrolled the competition in the Masters Tournament #9. And they were doing much of the same in last weekend’s event up until the finals. Just when it seemed like the YouTuber and his team were invincible, they got a serious wake-up call. The first match wasn’t particularly close as they lost 474-185.

Team Shiny still did come in second place and got 225 points since this tournament had enough participants to make it Gold status. Some other noteworthy teams to perform well were Asecndence, Squirting Squirtles and Suckerbunch.

Ascendance and Squirting Squirtles were big performers in the previous Masters Tournament as well. They have proven to be consistent threats. Ascendance in particular has given multiple top teams a run for their money.

A bigger point of interest may come through Suckerbunch though. They are newcomers who managed to reach the top. This new team seemingly came out of nowhere as they finished top three in the tournament. Perhaps they could be the next underdog story who make their way into the top 16.

Current Standings


The standings have seen little change. The top five still remain the same, but TIRE now sits in second place due to their recent tournament success. Team Shiny are in fourth place due to their high finish in the tournament as well. They are one of only four teams with 700 or more points. Team Shiny is in a great position to make the final 16 at the end of the season. There isn’t much reason to worry for those who regularly support aDrive.

Ascendance also saw a small jump in their positioning thanks to a fourth-place tournament finish. Any team with 300 or more points is sitting comfortably in the top 16. Anyone below that threshold is in danger of getting caught from behind. That in turn makes performing well in the next tournament priority number one.

What’s to Come

Pokemon Unite Masters Tournament
Image: the Pokemon Company

The next major event of the Shiny League happens later this week. The November Emerald Event starts on Friday, November 12. Up to 750 league points are on the table. The top teams can all but lock in their playoff tickets with a solid outing. At the same time, many teams on the outside looking in can push their way into the picture with a few upset victories.

The last Emerald event saw 95 participants duke it out. The same turnout should be expected from this month’s tournament. If anything, even more teams should show up since time is running out to catch up. It cannot be understated how much of a difference these tournaments can make. October Event winner TTV have not participated in any other events but they still sit at the top of the standings.

Some of the best teams exclusively join these brackets which means that some intense action is likely to come. As usual, the action can be watched from aDrive’s Twitch stream as well as other tournament participants. Be sure to check out the Pokemon Unite section of Twitch to see all possible viewing options. The October Event did not disappoint so there is reason to believe this tournament will also provide mass entertainment to Pokemon Unite fans across the globe.

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