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Pokemon Unite Masters #10 Shiny League Preview

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The Pokémon Unite Shiny League is quickly approaching its next Emerald Event. In less than two weeks, the best of the best will go at each other for up to 750 points. In the meantime, the Pokémon Unite Masters #10 tournament takes place on Friday, November 5. These weekly events tend to be a strong secondary source of league points.


The Pokémon Unite Masters #10 tournament is a double-elimination bracket. All matches in the winners bracket will be a best of three set. Meanwhile, losers bracket matchups are best of 1.

At the moment, 16 teams have signed up for the tournament moderated by However, signups do not end until 30 minutes before the start of the event. And if the previous Masters tournaments are an indicator, more teams will sign up soon. This tournament is trending towards Silver or possibly even Gold tier. That means up to 335 league points could be up for grabs.

As seen by previous iterations of this tournament, those kinds of points have a large impact on the overall standings. Take the previous Masters tournament on October 29. Heading into this event, YouTuber and creator of the Shiny League, Daniel “aDrive” Clap’s team held eighth place in the overall standings. Team Shiny won this tournament and propelled themselves all the way up to third place overall. Doing well in minor tournaments can dictate which teams jump ahead in the race for top 16.

A full list of rules and formatting for the event can be found on the website.


pokemon unite masters

While more big names could join at any given moment, the current bracket is still loaded. adrive’s squad, Team Shiny will be a participant. They’ll be looking to win their second tournament in a row. Also joining the festivities is Team TIRE who are currently in 6th place overall. There’s also Buff Zapdos who are one tournament run away from cracking the top 16.

Team Bandicoots is also worth keeping an eye on. This squad finished top seven in the previous Masters Tournament. They made it all the way to losers round 6. They lost to Team Shiny and Juicy Timis during their run. Both squads are top five in the current standings which is quite respectable. They are an underdog story to be on the lookout for.


pokemon unite masters
Image: and aDrive

Team Shiny appears to be the frontrunners of this tournament. They were incredibly dominant just a week ago and aDrive’s squad remains hungry. Not even league powerhouses like White Flag Gaming and Juicy Timis could take a game off them.

But as seen by other events so far, anything can happen. Other top teams are participating and anyone could join before the 6:30 PM EST signup deadline. Multiple teams are desperate to maintain their lead or fight their way into the top 16. A hot streak is all takes to make an upset happen.

How to Watch

pokemon unite masters

The tournament itself starts at 7:00 EST on Friday, November 5. It will have multiple ways to enjoy the action. Firstly, there will be a main stream for the event. It is hosted by Telestrio, a content creator and maker of the Masters Series.

Along with Telestrio, members of participating teams are sure to stream their matches under the Pokémon Unite section of Twitch. ADrive will likely stream the event from his point of view once again on his Twitch channel. No matter the end result, some entertaining high-level play is about to go down thanks to these creators.

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