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Pokemon Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Lucario Build and Guide

Unite Lucario Build

For those looking for a Pokemon Unite Lucario build, look no further. Lucario is a top tier all rounder. With incredible crowd control capabilities, high base damage numbers, and impressive mobility, Lucario destroys most match ups during the early game. With the items and moves provided, those utilizing the bi-pedal dog are sure to experience success their games. This Unite Lucario build prioritizes its survivability, alongside maximizing the mon’s combo potential.

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Lucario Overview

The blue canine relies on mobility alongside hard lock down abilities to absolutely overwhelm the enemy. Mix Lucario’s combos efficiently. The pick is perfectly capable of demolishing any squishy target in the game when doing so. Even when built as a full tank, Lucario’s damage numbers are high enough to not require any damaging items. The resets provided by his moves synergize with one another, making an unstoppable behemoth of a Pokémon.

A great way to play Lucario is to abuse score shield as much as possible. Do so by utilizing Lucario’s incredible mobility and early game prowess, and start dunking as early as level 3. The fewer points a Pokémon has, the faster it dunks. What results is an unstoppable dunk, and a quick escape. Repeat this process over and over, until Lucario snowballs a level lead.

Here are Lucario’s base stats:

Offense: 3 stars

Endurance: 2 1/2 stars

Mobility: 3 1/2 stars

Scoring: 3 stars

Support: 1/2 star

Battle Items

Unite Lucario Build
Eject Button

Eject button is the main battle item. As with most highly mobile Pokémon in the game, the extra jump provided by eject button is invaluable. Eject button cooldown is very long, at a whopping 70 seconds. Therefore, use the item wisely.

Pokemon Unite Full Heal Item Stats
Full Heal

For those looking for an alternative, Full Heal also works wonders. This less commonly used item removes all status conditions from Lucario, while granting it immunity from hindrances for a short time. At a 40 second cooldown, Full Heal allows Lucario to charge in without a worry.

Held Items

Players build Lucario as either a damage carry or a full tank. Overall, if played properly, Lucario deals sufficient damage without the necessity of damage increasing held items. That is why this specific guide recommends full tank itemization. Understanding its cooldown reset potential makes survivability the main priority.

All new Held Items in Pokémon UNITE: Season 2 - Dot Esports
Weakness Policy

Weakness Policy is a mixed bag of nuts. The more a Pokemon gets hit, the stronger it gets. On most picks, the item can be rather pointless. The additional attack does not always scale very well, since not every Pokemon wants to get hit and scales with attack. Most Pokemon want to run away and avoid damage. Fortunately, Lucario loves to engage, is very beefy, and also scales with attack. This makes Weakness Policy perfect on it.

Pokémon Unite Mr. Mime Build
Focus Band

Lucario’s passive grants a shield when at low HP. Focus band provides healing at low HP, making it the perfect item to synergize with Lucario’s passive. Especially during the early game, Focus Band puts in work. A Lucario with a well upgraded Focus band is incredibly difficult to kill.

score shield
Score Shield

Score shield allows Lucario to snowball the early game. Abuse the shield provided when dunking to score over and over again. Especially since Lucario is super mobile, make sure to score a lot during the early game. This accelerates Lucario’s leveling, pushing his lead forward.

Alternative Items

Buddy Barrier

Buddy barrier is simply overpowered. Since Lucario’s unite move is not the greatest, taking buddy barrier allows Lucario to at least get something out using its unite move. In addition, the shield and extra health stats go a long way in allowing Lucario to perform his front line role.

Best Moves

Power-Up Punch

Power-Up Punch fantastic on Lucario. The move knocks the enemy back, while dealing substantial damage. On its own, the move is just decent. But the move’s strength comes from its combo potential.  More on this when discussing Bone Rush. Aura Cannon, Lucario’s Unite move, also boosts the damage dealt by Power-up Punch, making for some devastating damage.

Honestly speaking, Extreme Speed is very over tuned at the moment. The damage is insane. But this alternative move does not lock down the enemy. The move definitely has more mobility, and considering Power-Up punch’s most recent nerf, Extreme speed is completely viable as well. Between the two, simply choose the move that best fits. Both moves are incredibly rewarding.

Bone Rush

Bone Rush is easily Lucario’s best move. This move allows him to dash around the map, while resetting the cooldown of his other main ability. This grants Lucario immense utility. The move deals damage, then provides hard lock down. Power-Up Punch does so as well, so combo the two together to create abysmal play conditions for the enemy. Start with Power-Up Punch, then use Bone Rush. Then follow up Bone-Rush with more auto attacks. If Lucario manages its empowered third auto, it will knock the enemy up. Then Use Power-Up Punch again immediately after. The enemy will not be able to move.

The same combo can be performed with Extreme Speed, but replacing Power-Up Punch’s crowd control with far more mobility and damage. Whatever the case, make sure to use Bone Rush. The reset combo potential from Bone Rush is not balanced.

Close Combat does not reset Power-Up Punch’s cooldown. Albeit looking very fancy, Bone Rush is irreplaceable thanks to the reset potential built into the move.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that this build is meant to prioritize crowd control and hard lock down. By resetting and enhancing Power-Up punch, the defensive stats provided by the items should allow Lucario to remain a constant threat during team fights. For those who want to build Lucario as a full damage carry, feel free to do so.

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