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Pokemon UNITE Lane Guide

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Greetings trainers! Pokemon UNITE for mobile has been out for a little bit now, with people seeing a comfortable experience on it. An important part of the game is knowing how to lane correctly. This Pokemon UNITE Lane guide will go over all three lanes and show players how to optimize the performance of their Pokemon to the lane that they’re playing on.


One thing to remember is that top and bot play similarly. For top, it is recommended to kill all of the wild Aipom that line the lane. Remember that all top laners should be getting an even amount of exp, so don’t be selfish. Once all of the Aipom are killed and the players are at the goalposts, stay within those goals and defend them while taking down the wild Pokemon there. For ranged attackers, make sure to get the last hit on the Corphish. This will allow them to get the exp necessary for fighting off enemy team members.

Once players have farmed up enough exp to at least get to their second evolution stage (or final for some Pokemon), defend the goals and defeat any enemies that try to score. If the opportunity presents itself, try to score, but don’t over-commit if the enemy goal is too guarded. Ranged attackers should not charge in without a defender and try to deal damage from their side of the field. Combee and Vespiquen will also appear in the middle of top, so be sure to defeat all of them before the enemy team can get their shot at even one of them.

Finally, when Rotom spawns, top laners should focus on defeating Rotom when not dealing with the enemy goal. If the two players are high enough levels, one can go with their team jungler and help bot defeat Drednaw. Keep a balance of defeating Rotom and defeating the enemy top laners and any player will have an easy time scoring goals.


Central is one of the most important lanes in the game as this is the main domain for speedsters. The key to playing this lane well is keeping good map awareness and keeping exp high. At the beginning of the match, ignore any other wild mons and go straight for the jungle. Once there, start taking down Lillipups, followed by the Bouffalaunt and Ludicolo that spawn at their respective camps. After a few more minutes, Corphish will spawn around the Zapdos arena and Central players can kill those for even greater amounts of exp.

After that, players can then go to the tall grass near top or bot lanes and hide. When the time is right, they can get out and help gank the enemy team, putting numbers in their favor. This makes speedsters the most pivotal role on the team as quick ganks can make or break lane efforts. Junglers should make sure to employ hit and run tactics so that they can avoid dying and continue helping their team.

Bottom Lane, or Bot

Finally, bottom and, again, this is played almost exactly like top lane. However, the wild Pokemon at the bottom of bot lane is Audino, which deals a lot of exp. Bottom lane players should prioritize Drednaw as it can give the most useful benefits to the entire team. At least one player from top and their jungler should also come down to bot players out with this essential objective. Case in point, do the same as listed in the Top lane section: defeat the wild Pokemon before the enemy team can, essentially monopolizing exp and score on the enemy when possible.


When starting out, players won’t always have a clear picture of what they’re supposed to be doing on the lanes. However, with this Pokemon UNITE Lane guide in mind, they should be able to read the flow of the game. Players, be aware of your maps and storm the lanes in smarter ways.

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