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Pokemon Unite Hoopa Revealed

Pokemon Unite Hoopa

In the most recent official YouTube upload, Pokemon Unite Hoopa revealed. The video teasing the pokemon’s release also broke down its abilities, which are definitely on the more complicated end. Hoopa, the pink supporter, utilizes teleporting mechanics to aid its teammates. To acquire the pokemon, players must participate in the event and acquire Hoopa as the 50 point reward. And since a total of around 10 can be acquired each day, it’ll take just about 5 days to acquire the new pokemon. That is, assuming players accomplish every mission.

Keep in mind, Hoopa is not available in the shop at the current moment. Only through the event.

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From the video, Hoopa seems incredibly unique. Utilizing its abilities to teleport allies, the pokemon relies heavily on macro plays. In essence, utilizing the map to optimize team play. With an abilitiy to teleport allies to the base and immediately back to lane, alongside a unite move that allows Hoopa’s allies to teleport to its location, Hoopa looks absolutely insane.

Interestingly enough, Hoopa stands as the first mythical pokemon to join Pokemon Unite’s playable cast. Having the ability to summon an unbound version of itself, the psychic/ghost type will without a doubt evolve the meta of the game. The developers are okay adding in a teleporting pokemon. This makes it highly likely the future entries for playable pokemon will be even more wild.

In Conclusion

There hasn’t been anything like Hoopa’s mechanics in Pokemon Unite, so it’s really difficult to tell exactly how strong the pokemon will be. Only after players have more time to understand and master the pick will the pokemon’s true strengths truly shine. Pokemon Unite Hoopa is such a cool supporter that is joining the game. One cannot help but be extremely excited for the newest attacker as well, whatever it may be.

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