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Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide and Build

The newest addition to pokemon unite plays very uniquely. With teleporting mechanics built into every key move, Hoopa is an unconventional supporter that is very strong when properly utilized. One of the biggest things to keep in mind when playing Hoopa is looking at the map. Since each of its moves in this particualr build teleports either Hoopa or its allies, understanding where and how to use them is very important. Without much further ado, here is a Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide and Build.

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Hoopa Overview

Hoopa is really difficult to use. Since the pokemon teleports its allies, playing alongside the pokemon becomes very confusing very fast. But once both the allies and the user become accustomed to Hoopa’s kit, the pokemon is undeniably overpowered.

This pokemon doesn’t technically evolve. Instead, Hoopa transforms into its unbound form when using its Unite Move. And when transformed, Hoopa is easily the strongest pokemon in the game. Hoopa’s unbound form cannot score points, but more than makes up for that by providing some absolutely bonkers damage and utility. Its moves become unique CC and damage moves, utilizing a lazer alongside teleporting fists of doom that demolish the enemy. And because of its incredible strength when unbound, this build prioritizes maximizing Hoopa’s strength when unbound.

Battle Items


Hoopa benefits greatly from X-Attack, especially when in its unbound form. The attack speed and attack damage increase allows Hoopa to destroy anything and everything, solo carrying team fights quite easily.

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Slow Smoke

This is more for utility play, for Hoopa plays looking to play as a conventional tank supporter rather than a damage carry. Both X-Attack and Slow Smoke are very viable options. On the otherhand, Eject Button is a little redundant, especially with the moveset recommended in this build. But more on that later.

Recommended Held Items

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Muscle Band

Pokemon Unite Hoopa scales with attack damage. And with practically attack damage pokemon in Pokemon Unite, Muscle Band is an amazing item option. This item helps round out Hoopa’s damage.

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Energy Amplifier

Since Hoopa wants to deal as much damage as possible, Energy Amplifier helps it do just that. By increasing Hoopa’s damage during its Unite Move, Energy Amplifier is a great itemization option. In addition, this particular held item also speeds up the Unite Move charge rate, an essential stat to maximize Hoopa’s kit.

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Buddy Barrier

This item synergizes wonderfully with both Energy Amplifier and Hoopa’s general Unite Move focused kit. It essentially guarantees Hoopa is unstoppable during its Unite Move, alongside granting a barrier to its allies simultaneously.

Alternative Held Items

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Focus Band

For “typical” supporter builds that serve also as tanks, taking Focus band, Score Shield, and Buddy Barrier is the move.

Score Shield

Same as mentioned for Focus Band, taking Focus Band, Score Shield, and Buddy Barrier also works as a “conventional” support.

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EXP share

This item is more for the competitive unite players, looking to EXP funnel for their carries. In solo queue or playing with randoms, it’s not really recommended.

Recommended Moves

The moves in here will be oriented towards advanced Hoopa plays. Teleportation is Hoopa’s greatest asset, and therefore the moveset should prioritize exactly that. This yields the most impactful play, but there are other move sets that work as well. The comparison/trade off will be explained as well after the move’s name.

Phantom Force>Shadow Ball

Phantom Force is an amazing move. It’s essentially an Eject Button that can be used twice in succession, while also granting Hoopa bonus damage through two sinister blades. The biggest caveat to this is that Hoopa must target an enemy unit to teleport to. Doing so then knocks the enemy as well, providing utility in damage and mobility. Pressing the move again allows Hoopa to teleport back to the same spot.

But why Phantom Force over Shadow Ball? Well, Shadow ball isn’t bad either. Honestly, it’s pretty viable. But its just the extra positioning advantage that Phantom Force provides is just way too good. And in a game like Pokemon Unite, where mobility is king, Phantom Force often yields better results.

Hyperspace Hole>Trick

Hyperspace is easily Hoopa’s greatest move, excluding its Unite Move. There’s no reason to not take this. Hoopa places a circle, which teleports allies to either the base or a corresponding base on the top or bottom. By placing the circle on an allied base, it automatically prioritizes the other side lane as the destination. And placing it anywhere else will teleport allies to the base. Teleporting allies to the base essentially allows for a full speedy recovering, after which they can easily teleport back to the orgina position.

This move allows very efficient rotations, helping secure objectives like Rotam and Dreadnaw. And since these are so important to winning, Hyperspace Hole is incredibly broken. There is no reason to switch out Hyperspace Hole for Trick.  

In Conclusion

Players can acquire Hoopa by participating in the special event. Until they get the event rewards, the pokemon remains locked for ranked play. Hopefully, this Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide helped players navigate the pokemon effectively. The pokemon is undeniably overpowered, but can be really difficult to understand and master initially. As time goes on, if the developers think of more unique playable pokemon designs like Hoopa, it’ll evolve Pokemon Unite’s meta greatly.

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