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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Holiday Festivities: Trailer Breakdown

Pokemon Unite holiday festivities

With the month of December, Pokemon Unite brings holiday festivities. In the form of unique holowear alongside Christmas themed events, Pokemon Unite celebrates the Christmas season. Shown in their most recent video teasing the event, the game is getting a complete makeover. With a winter themed map covered in snow, ice sculptures decorating the stadium, and even a brand new backdrop, Pokemon Unite’s holiday celebration looks very merry.

According to the Pokemon Unite Official Website, the event runs from December 15, 2021, to January 16, 2022.

What to Expect

The event hasn’t officially dropped quite yet. Therefore, what can players expect? Judging from previous events, there will likely be in game rewards in the form of missions. These rewards will likely include in game currency. Highly likely, the holowear for pokemon will require real life currency in the form of gems. Since Pikachu’s aesthetics vary from its original’s, expect Pikachu’s cosmetic to be quite pricey. Either the Holowear will be expensive, or it’ll actually be the last prize for the new upcoming battle pass.

Now, what about the player’s clothes? These will be available through both the shop alongside the cosmetic gachapon system. In other words, some clothes will be avaiable through purhcases, and others only acquirable with luck of the roll. But whatever the case, these cosmetics look absolutely adorable. From Santa hats, Christmas sweaters, and even fluffy boots, the cosmetics are welcomed additions.

Map Changes

Pokemon Unite holiday festivities

Winter Remoat Stadium

From the looks of it, Remoat Island is receiving a drastic cosmetic change. In the past, Pokemon Unite celebrated Halloween through a separate game mode with a separate map. But since Remoat Island is the locale receiving the revamp, it is highly likely that both Standard and Ranked matches will be impacted by the update.

With new Wild Pokemon swapping out for the preexisting ones, Remoat Island’s update may be a more than purely aesthetic. A couple of weeks ago, Pokemon Unite teased Articuno. As one of the three legendary birds, Articuno will be replacing Zapdos. Considering the map is purely ice, and the Combee and many other Wild Pokemon were replaced in the trailer, it is highly likely that Zapdos will be replaced as well.

And with Articuno very likely replacing Zapdos, some gameplay changes may join Unite as well. Players all know the gameplay has been becoming a bit stale as of late, and with the entry of a new Legendary bird, having different benefits for the big objective would change up the pacing in the most wonderful way.

In Conclusion

A couple months ago, Pokemon Unite celebrated Halloween. And with Christmas right around the corner, Pokemon Unite tackles the Winter Holidays as well. This confirms that Pokemon Unite developers hope to commemorate real life holidays with in game events. Therefore, future events correlating with other real-life holidays is pretty definitive at this point in time.

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