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Pokemon Unite Holiday Event Celebrations Guide

Pokemon Unite Holiday Event

The holiday festivities have officially begun! Starting on December 15, the Pokemon Unite Holiday Event mark the beginning of a festive winter season. From new pokemon holowear, exclusive in-game rewards, and even a brand spanking new game mode. Pokemon Unite really went all out the Christmas season. For details on the event, simply click the golden star at the right side of the screen. Doing so leads players into another screen that shows off the different aspects of the Pokemon Unite event.

Navigating the Event

Click the red calendar with the star for event details

Once players reach this screen, there’s a variety of different aspects accessible them. To start off, clicking the adorable Delibird waving a season’s greetings redirects players to the brand new game mode: snowball Battle in Shivre City. This game mode is only available during the duration of the holiday event, so make sure to try it out before the mode expires!

Pokemon Unite Holiday Event
Delibird greets players curious about the Holiday Events

Also, quick tip players! Click the Christmas tree to see the event missions. The menu isn’t the most intuitive, and is definitely easily overlooked. This provides unique missions exclusive to the Holiday event, with rewards such as a Christmas hat, socks, and even Christmas themed borders and backgrounds. These are the best mission rewards available, so definitely don’t miss out.

For information on the new game mode, click here.

Keep in mind, a lot of the Pokemon Unite Holiday Event exclusives are only earnable by playing the new game mode to accomplish the unique missions. In addition, the Illumination Challenge provides daily missions alongside Challenge missions, so be sure to play Snowball Battle in Shivre City regularly.

Clicking the Event Calendar redirects players to a screen where a comprehensive overview of the holiday events are laid out. On this calendar, players can discover exactly what dates certain events are available. As of now, three out of five events have dropped. The Special Gift and Photo Challenge begin on December 17, so be on the look out for them.

Pokemon Unite Holiday Event
Event Calendar


 In Conclusion

The holiday celebrations in Pokemon Unite are a great way for players to commemorate the festive winter season. As a whole, having such fun events is really such a blessing from the Pokemon Unite developers. Undoubtably, there will be more events that correspond with real life events and holidays. Here is to the first Pokemon Unite Christmas celebration, and to many more!

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