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Pokemon UNITE Held Item Guide

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Greetings, Trainers! With the mobile release, three new items joined the game. With the Super Item Enhancers, understanding which items to commit these rare items on can be quite troubling. Today, this Pokemon UNITE held item guide will teach players all they need to know about the items available to make sets with, as well as the types of roles that benefit from them. If readers are interested in our guide on battle items, they can click here.

Held Items

Muscle Band:

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Increases basic attack damage and attack speed. One of the greatest items in Pokemon Unite, since attack speed helps picks acquire their third enhanced auto attack more frequently. Although typically run on attackers, such as Cinderace and Greninja, the item works wonders on special attackers such as Venusaur.

Shell Bell:

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Restores some of the Pokémon HP whenever it successfully lands a move. Good with support Pokemon like Eldegoss and Wigglytuff. This item can also help squishy special attackers like Pikachu and Gengar, but as a whole is not the best. Especially with the addition of choice specs, shell bell is now outclassed. 

Choice Specs:

Pokemon UNITE Held Item
choice specs

This item ensures that each move deals a minimum base damage, scaling with special attack. They have a hidden passive, procing only on a single target. For special attackers, the scaling on the item alongside additional damage provided is beneficial to nuke targets. Sadly, with an 8 second cooldown, the item may not be the most useful at every point of the game.

Razor Claw

Pokemon UNITE Held Item
Razor Claw

For those familiar with League of Legends, Razor Claw is essentially Sheen. After the Pokemon uses a move, the next basic attack deals extra damage scaling with attack. Pokemon that love this item include but are not limited to Absol, inderace, and Greninja. Since the item provides critical hit rate alongside additional attack, Razor Claw is easily a top tier item.

Float Stone:

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Increases movement speed when a Pokemon is not in combat. The main purpose of Float Stone is not for the activated passive, but for its base stats. The item grants the most attack out of any item in the game, alongside base movement speed as well. Mid-tier item at best, but synergizes well with Pokemon that want to take Razor Claw. But be careful, taking Float Stone eliminates the defensive item alternatives. Take only when attempting to maximize on a glass cannon build. Otherwise, there are simply better attack items, such as muscle band and Razor Claw, to use.

Weakness Policy 

All new Held Items in Pokémon UNITE: Season 2 - Dot Esports
Weakness Policy

The newest addition to tank items provides both attack and HP. When a Pokemon using Weakness Policy gets hit, they gain attack minimum to 2% of the damage they received. This scales with the damage that the Pokemon received. General front-line Pokemon, such as Lucario and Machamp, should be able to make good use of this.

Exp. Share:

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This item increases the Pokemon’s passive Exp. Point gain while it has the fewest Exp. Points on its team. However, the Pokemon will only receive Exp. Points for defeating wild Pokemon if it deals the final blow. Best suited for Supporter class Pokemon. 

Assault Vest:

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When the Pokemon is not in combat, grants it a shield that nullifies Sp. Atk damage. Suited for Defender class Pokemon like Snorlax and Slowbro.

Scope Lens:

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This item Increases critical-hit damage. This item best helps Pokemon like Absol and others with high offensive stats.

Wise Glasses:

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Increases Sp. Atk, good with Pokemon like Pikachu, Ninetales, and any special attack type Pokemon.

Sp. Atk Spec:

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Increases Sp. Atk after the Pokemon successfully scores a goal. Ideal for attackers and speedsters with high scoring ratings.


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Continually restores the Pokemon’s HP when it is not in combat. Ideal for recovering supporters (screams Eldegoss, right?), or attackers that do well in engagements.

Attack Weight:

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Increases Attack after the Pokemon successfully scores a goal. Useful for attackers and speedsters.


Aeos Cookie:

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Increases max HP after the Pokemon successfully scores a goal. Can work well in builds for all Pokemon, however, players should consider using this on attackers or speedsters with low HP stats.


Score Shield:

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Grants a shield while the Pokemon is attempting to score a goal. Not only that, but it also grants additional HP. Attackers and all-rounders that are ideal for offensive playstyles and scoring benefit from this item.


Buddy Barrier:

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Grants a shield to the Pokemon and to the nearby ally Pokemon with the lowest HP when the Pokemon uses its Unite Move. This can work well with all four role classes.


Energy Amplifier:

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Has the Pokemon deal increased damage to opposing Pokemon for a short time after it uses its Unite Move. While not restricted to a specific class like any item, this is best used with Pokemon who have high damage output with their Unite Moves, such as Garchomp or Absol.


Focus Band:

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Continually restores the Pokemon’s HP for a short time when the Pokemon drops too low HP. Good for defender class Pokemon like Snorlax and Slowbro.


Rocky Helmet:

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Deals damage to nearby opposing Pokemon when the holder receives damage.


Held items can make or break a Pokemon, therefore, it’s imperative to know which items help which roles. Individual builds for Pokemon will always be dependent on what suits the individual player, however, with this UNITE-held item guide in mind, they will find their chances for success almost never broken.

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