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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks

Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks

Recent leaks revealed Pokemon Unite October Halloween Cosmetics. These celebrate the month of spooktober, alongside bringing some general new aesthetics to the game. Many of these are likely to be limited time, event exclusives, so make sure to capitalize on their release. From pumpkin themed backpacks, jack-o-lantern helmets, and even fabulous witch capes, the cosmetics this time around look amazing.

But keep in mind, these were all data-mined from Pokemon Unite. In other words, none of these cosmetics have not been officially confirmed or teased. In addition, none of the outfit’s names have been revealed. These names serve as place holders.

Special thanks to Super Teeds’ YouTube channel for providing the leaks and images.

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Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks
Jack-o-Lantern Backpack

This festive backpack filled with candy is hands down the best backpack created so far in Pokemon Unite.

Pik-a-Lantern Helmet

Not the official name, but please appreciate the clever wordplay.


No clever wordplay here. These are boots. Nothing too Halloween-like from this. But get in the mood for autumn with these brown boots.

Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks
Female Mask
Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks
Male Mask


Reminiscent of classy masks worn for fancy parties, with a slight twist of Mucha Lucha.

Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks
Witch Hat

This is a witch hat.

Hawaiian Shirt

Perfect for all the frat guys who want to prepare for their outdoor parties.

Blue Jacket

Blue jacket of the preexisting red jacket.

Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks
Fancy Choir Boy with Cape
Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks
Fancy Choir Girl with Cape

These two are likely entire sets of cosmetics. The cape is fabulous, and the little head accessories are adorable.

festive outfit female
festive outfit male
Sports Wear Female
Sports Wear Male


Hiking Wear Female
Hiking Wear Male

These look like something Korean middle aged men wear to hike, at least the Vest definitely does. The shoes look straight out of Kingdom Hearts.

Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks
Detective Coat

Become Detective Pikachu’s sidekick with this outfit.

Female hair
Male hair

New hairstyles, woo!

Beach Boy

This outfit has clearly not been finished development. The pink towel looks off, but hey, these are leaks and not official teases.

In Conclusion

These outfits all look amazing. From holiday appropriate cosmetics to general new looks, Pokemon Unite impresses the community once again. As one of the first holiday events that Pokemon Unite celebrated, these Pokemon Unite Halloween Leaks show that developers will likely continue to reflect real life holidays with in game events. This is very exciting news for the game’s future, which means Pokemon Unite will likely celebrate Christmas as well.

Keep in mind, these are data mined leaks. In essence, content dug from deep within the game’s software, and are not official teases. But regardless, these screen shots will highly likely enter the game, and look fantastic.

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