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Pokemon Unite Greninja Build and Guide

Pokemon Unite greninja build

For those looking to figure out how to build Greninja in Pokemon Unite, look no further. The mon is, hands down, one of the strongest damage carries in the game at the moment. Especially with the right build, Greninja can absolutely take over games. This article will cover the most optimal held items, discussing optimization alongside overall tips for the pick.

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Greninja Overview

The water shuriken throwing Pokemon is best played in the jungle. Since its early evolutions are rather weak, make sure to clear the entire allied jungle before going in for a gank. A full clear should ensure the first evolution, granting Froakie its Frogadier form. From then on, roam the map and help where necessary.

Offense: 4 stars

Endurance: 2 stars

Mobility: 3 stars

Scoring: 3 stars

Support: 1/2 stars

Battle Items
Pokemon Unite greninja build
Eject Button

This should come as no surprise, but eject button is the go-to battle item. Despite the nerfs to its cooldown, the pseudo flash grants too much utility for Greninja, allowing him to close gaps to maximize DPS or escape from sticky situations. For those looking for a less conventional method of play, goal-getter combined with score shield is a solid build as well, but not “meta” enough to be the main focus for this article.

Held Items
buddy barrier
buddy barrier

Buddy barrier is simply too overpowered to NOT take at the moment. The item is great on the water Pokemon since Greninja’s unite move is phenomenally strong. When synergized with Buddy Barrier, all the unite move buffs granted to Greninja, from the movement speed, damage buff, and barrier, provide amazing utility to carry games. Another possible item to replace Buddy Barrier is score shield, as previously mentioned.

muscle band
muscle band

Muscle Band is a must-have on Greninja. Since the mon is heavily reliant on auto attacks to deal his essential damages, Muscle Band maximizes his overall damage output by increasing his attack speed. Do NOT replace this item.

float stone
float stone

Many content creators trash on Float Stone, since the item takes way too long to proc its movement speed buff. Greninja loves to take the item, NOT for the movement speed, but for the additional attack damage provided by the item. Float Stone helps maximize his offensive stats, allowing Greninja to deal amazing damage. For those looking to build defensively instead, Focus Band is a fantastic option as a replacement for Float Stone.

Best Moves

Double team

This is THE go-to move for Greninja. It used to be smokescreen since smokescreen has more overall utility, but the nerfs to the ability definitely hurt its viability in the meta. Smokescreen’s cooldown is way too long now, while Double Team still has a short cooldown. Having quick and frequent access to the mobility-based moves is essential to repositioning, a key factor in maximizing the pick.

Water Shuriken

Not going to lie, this move is not for amateurs. As a series of skill shots that provide zero utility if missed, players who are not confident with aiming their abilities properly are much better off taking surf. Surf can be used to escape and close in gaps, while Water Shuriken deals more overall damage. For those who ARE confident and comfortable with the skill, Water Shuriken grants amazing healing and insane damage on hit. This maximizes Greninja’s damage and grants him survivability to sustain through a team fight, two absolutely essential factors to playing the hyper-carry.

In Conclusion

Greninja is a top-tier pick in Pokemon Unite. Those who place him at C tier and below are simply not playing the water ninja properly, as he is a highly contested pick in the highest levels of play. Though not easy to play, Greninja is undoubtedly the strongest ranged carry in the game, capable of picking up kills like nobody’s business.

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