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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon UNITE Greedent Officially Revealed

Pokemon Unite Greedent

After many different datamines and leaks, Greedent has been officially announced as the next Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite. This is not a major surprise, due to the leaks but it also adds credence to some of those previous leaks and what could be coming next. With this new addition, here is more on the addition of Pokemon Unite Greedent.

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There is still not too much known about how the version of Pokemon Unite Greedent will work. There have been some leaks and it seems as though some of them are right but even still, those have not been confirmed. Some abilities were shown in the Halloween Festival event trailer as well.

Greedent Bullet Seed

Greedent Bullet Seed

This first move looks like Bullet Seed, a very popular move for many grass Pokemon. That said, Greedent is not a grass Pokemon so it is certainly an interesting choice here. It is interesting to note as well that this looks like more of a damage move so maybe Greedent will be an All-Rounder?

Greedent Eating Berries
Greedent Eating Berries

This second move shown could be a few things. It most closely resembles Stuff Cheeks which is a move revolving around berries. The thing is that would mean either Greedent is picking up random berries around the map or having to eat the ones in the jungle. Either way this is more of a defensive more and it could explain what the five yellow icons are under Greedent’s health.

The release date for Greedent is likely coming soon. So for those fans looking forward to the next Pokemon, their wait will not be long.

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