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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Greedent Hidden Mechanics

Greedent Hidden Mechanics

Greedent, the new Pokemon on Unite plays very uniquely, holding various hidden mechanics. From universal heals, micromanagement of target direction, and even a required driver’s license, Greedent stands as the most difficult pokemon in Unite. As the only pokemon in the game that can create its own berries, Greedent has a lot of hidden mechanics. First of all, the berries can actually be eaten by all pokemon. This means that enemies and allies alike gain HP when coming into contact with the berry.  Therefore, positioning Greedent’s Berries is crucial to playing the pick properly.

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Berry Mechanics

Greedent creates berries two main ways: from its moves, or through its third auto attack.

For the third auto attacks, that is where things get trickier. In pokemon unite, every pokemon has an enhanced basic auto attack. Greedent’s drops down a berry, which players may initially mistake as a random drop when mindlessly playing. In actuality, the trajectory the berry follows the analog input of the left stick, following the direction at which players point. Since these berries can be picked up by allies and enemies alike, controlling this detailed nuance is crucial to maximizing the pick. For those familiar with Draven from League of Legends, think of this mechanic as his axe catching/throwing mechanic, except the berries stay on the floor rather than disappearing immediately.

Check out the footage here for more details:

The moves in general are rather intuitive to aim the berry direction, especially for Stuff Cheeks and Defense Curl. Simply follow the target direction presented by the move’s aiming. Covet, on the other hand, creates berries in the front and to the left of the Pokemon. Walking straight forward allows Greedent to immediately pick up the berries. But when turning ever so slightly to the right, berries will fly to the front left of the pokemon.

Here are images displaying Covet’s berry trajectory: 

Greedent Hidden Mechanics

Covet Berry Positioning

Covet Mechanics

This move debatably very broken move throws Greedent into full racecar mode. Players literally steer Greedent upon Covet’s activation, unable to make sharp turns. Instead, Greedent drifts to change directions. For damage builds and playstyles, mastering the driving mechanic is essential to maximizing the pick.

Similar to Blastoise’s Rapin Spin, Greedent still has access to its other move during its “transformation.” But instead of being able to aim the second move, Greedent automatically shoots it right in front of itself.

Watch the footage for an example: 

This rule goes for Tackle, Bullet Seed, and Belch. Therefore, for those unable to drive well, Covet will definitely confuse and disorient players.

Damage Moves

The other moves, in essence Tackle, Bullet Seed, and Belch, all reset once Greedent acquires maximum berry stacks. This makes picking up berries super important for reset capabilities, creating a micromanaging mechanic within the game. Since these are not necessarily “hidden” mechanics, check out the full Greedent guide for more information.

Oh, and fun fact: Greedent can pick up enemy Greedent’s berries to fill up its own berry gauge. 

In Conclusion

Greedent is one of the hardest pokemon in the game. There are so many mechanics to keep track of, some of which are not even explicitly stated in the game. Hopefully, this guide facilitated the learning process, and provided useful information in general.

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