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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Greedent Guide: Day 1

Pokemon Unite Greedent Guide

By following this Pokemon Unite Greedent guide, players should be able to further maximize the Pokemon’s capabilities. Greedent, the newly released Pokemon, is an interesting defender that plays honestly a lot like a speedster. With pretty high damage numbers, insane sustainability, and incredible mobility, Greedent has one of the highest learning curves in the game. Understanding which items to run is pretty important. But more so than items, studying and mastering each of Greedent’s moves is very important to playing the squirrel-like pokemon effectively.

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Greedent Overview

The recently released pokemon definitely feels a bit off putting, with very hard to maneuver skills. Greedent utilizes berries as its main gameplay gimmick, regenerating health and refreshing the cooldown of its basic abilities. If played properly, the squirrel is unkillable. Zooming around the map while bursting down squishy targets, Greedent is an absolute menace when mastered.

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One mechanic to keep in mind is the berry drop manipulation from Greedent’s third auto attack. In pokemon unite, every pokemon has an enhanced basic auto attack. Greedent’s drops down a berry, which players may initially mistake as a random drop when mindlessly playing. In actuality, the trajectory the berry follows the analog input of the left stick, following the direction at which players point. Since these berries can be picked up by allies and enemies alike, controlling this detailed nuance is crucial to maximizing the pick. For those familiar with Draven from League of Legends, think of this mechanic as his axe catching/throwing mechanic, except the berries stay on the floor rather than disappearing immediately.

That was a lot of information, and may seem overwhelming to understand. Here is video footage of this specific mechanic:

Battle Item

Pokemon Unite Eject Button Builds | Stats, How To Get, Best With

Eject Button

Taking Eject Button will never steer players wrong. The battle item provides far too much versatile utility to not recommend, and is essentially useful on every Pokemon in Unite. Of course, there are alternatives for this item.

Pokemon Unite Full Heal Item Stats
Full Heal

Since Eject Button’s cooldown is very high, Full Heal is a fantastic replacement. By eliminating crowd control on itself, Full Heal greatly increases the any defender pokemon’s front line potential. Utilize this item on Greedent to get out of messy situations, and walk safely to pick up those essential berries.

X Speed Battle Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
X Speed

Comboing with Covet, one of the recommended moves from this guide, X-Speed allows Greedent to zoom all around the map ridiculously fast. X-Speed isn’t generally that great, but in Greedent’s case, it loves to sprint around the map, therefore the battle item synergizes with the little squirrel very well.

Do not consider the mentioned Pokemon Unite Greedent Guide as the only viable method of play. Treat the guide as a base to aid in understanding, and customize as deemed fit.

Recommended Held Items

Pokemon Unite Muscle Band Builds | Stats, How To Get, Best With
Muscle Band

Though Greedent is technically a defender, the pokemon deals a lot of physical damage. Muscle Band allows Greedent to deal its key damage effectively, scaling with its moves alongside granting attack speed to farm effectively. Since Greedent’s early game is relatively weak, especially before learning Belch, the bonus damage and attack speed stats provide Greedent the necessary tools to keep up pace with the other pokemon in Unite.

focus band
Focus Band

Greedent typically does not have issues staying alive. But in the case where multiple pokemon attempt to jump the poor squirrel, Focus Band grits Greedent’s teeth, granting defensive stats and healing for the pokemon to survive. By using the opportunity of survivability provided by Focus Band, Greedent can easily heal back to full health by utilizing its berries.

score shield
Score Shield

This item is similar to Muscle Band in that it helps tremendously with the early game. Since Greedent’s tackle resets upon acquiring max berries, the pokemon is surprisingly mobile during in the beginning. Attempt to dunk for the free EXP points to create a level lead, a very viable strategy in Pokemon Unite.

Alternative Held Items

Buddy Barrier

This item would probably replace Score Shield, if players had to choose. Since Greedent learns its unite move at level 9, which is relatively early, Buddy Barrier is definitely a viable held item option. The extra health and barrier allows Greedent to massacre once learning its unite move.

Float Stone Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Float Stone

Yeah, this one is a bit controversial, but listening to the reasoning. Chances are, players will not make use of the additional movement speed when out of combat. BUT the base attack stats and base movement speed stats actually synergize very well with Greedent’s mobility based Covet moveset. Replace Focus band for a glass cannon, almost full damage Greedent build. Razor Claw and Scope lens really are attacker focused held items, and the crit does not help Greedent’s playstyle much at all.

Best Moves

These moves prioritize movement speed and burst damage. There are other ways of playing Greedent, but this particular build is the most effective. Utilized by all the Greedent players in Masters rank, the advantages that this build provides are definitely not balanced. Granted, there is also a massive learning curve to effectively using this build as well. Other moveset combos are easier to use, but have a lower skill ceiling.


Deals damage to opposing pokemon in the area of effect, and decreases their movement speed. This move doesn’t seem very strong just from the description and animation, but players need to try the move out themselves and see the damage. Typically hitting for over 1000 damage every usage, Belch chunks down targets like it’s nobody’s business.

The move’s cooldown refreshes upon acquiring max berries, which is a very easy task on Greedent. In essence, that makes for an easy 2000+ damage combo in a manner of about 2 seconds. Now THAT’S A LOT OF DAMAGE!

The alternative, Bullet Seed, isn’t bad. Bullet Seed activates over an extended period, dealing decent damage over time. But when comparing the two moves, although Belch is more difficult to hit, Bullet Seed deals far less damage as a whole. Especially considering Belch deals all the damage at once, versus Bullet Seed requires players to constantly use the ability, Belch simlpy deals more damage.

For those looking to master the best, highest damage build on Greedent, definitely take Belch. If players want to just casually play the character, Bullet Seed will be an easier time.


This move sends Greedent on a marathon run, sprinting for an extended period of time and damage all opposing pokemon it hits. It also throws them, in other word stuns, while dropping berries from its body. Covet is incredibly powerful and so insanely useful. The move by itself allows Greedent to become the fastest pokemon in the game. In addition, Greedent can still activate Belch, tackle, or bullet seed while sprinting. When utilized properly, Covet turns Greedent into an armed train, choo-chooing around the battlefield.

Of course, if it was just that easy, everyone would abuse Greedent and become master rank in no time. Covet is NOT easy to use. When activating the move, Greedent cannot make sharp turns. In essence, it cannot turn around immediately, making for some whacky driving. The move takes a lot of practice and time to get used to, so do not expect to perfect the move the first time when using it.

In addition, the other move while in sprinting mode will automatically target and aim directly in front of Greedent. So Greedent cannot aim its abilities. This makes the driving portion of Greedent’s sprint incredibly important, since the driving navigates not only Greedent’s positioning, but its actual damage potential. Go too deep, and risk running out of gas and dying in the middle of the team. Drive too far, and Greedent will be out of range to hit its belch.

Now, what about the alternative move: Stuff Cheeks? Once again, this move is a lot easier to use, and recommended for beginners. Stuff Cheeks throws out several berries in a target location, which recover health. Greedent is granted a brief movement speed thereafter as well, but not nearly as much as the speed provided by Covet. For those looking to heal teammates, definitely try the move out. But in regards to damage and Greedent’s personal utility, Covet definitely outperforms Stuff Cheeks.


In Conclusion

Hopefully this Pokemon Unite Greedent Guide and Build provided useful information. Keep in mind, this build prioritizes a moveset that is not easy to master. Centering around fast movement speed and high burst damage, this particular moveset is not for beginners. Be sure to positioning smartly, while aiming Belch effectively.

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