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Pokemon UNITE Gengar Guide

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It is spooky scary skele-time trainers. For those looking for a way to play Gengar efficiently,  they have come to the right place. In this Pokemon UNITE Gengar guide, players will find the best items and moves to select for optimal play. Remember that the items need to be fully upgraded in order for them to help Gengar the best they can.

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Gengar is a ghost-type speedster that can help any team just as well as Absol and Talonflame. Gengar’s star ratings are shown below:

Offense: 3 1/2 stars

Endurance: 2 stars

Mobility: 4 stars

Scoring: 3 stars

Support: 1/2 a star

Gengar has great mobility and an adequate attack stat. If players utilize Gengar with the right jungle strategies, they will come out on top. Now, the guide will list out the items that are the most beneficial for Gengar’s performance. Remember though, Gengar’s peak is a late game, so spend the first parts leveling up by farming wild Pokemon.


Battle Item

For Gengar’s battle item, the eject button would work the best to stack up on Gengar’s already stacked mobility. Gengar’s passive ability allows it to be faster naturally outside of combat, and the eject button will help make Gengar’s 100% speed 110%.

Held Items

Wise Glasses:

Using the wise glasses will increase Gengar’s special attacks such as Sludge Bomb and Shadow Ball, making them hit harder.

Scope Lens:

This item increases the critical hit ratio of Gengar’s attacks. With the wise glasses and its naturally high offense rating, this will absolutely become an asset for Gengar’s kit.

Shell Bell:

This item will restore Gengar’s health every time it deals a hit, a must-have for a speedster class Pokemon.

Best Moves

Sludge Bomb:

Hurls unsanitary sludge at a designated area that will leave any pokemon it hits poisoned. This will help leave a status effect for the main attackers to go in and brutalized opposition.


This move works VERY well with Sludge Bomb. In essence, it’s the equivalent of Absol’s Pursuit, allowing Gengar to lock in and deal on the spot damage to enemies. If currently afflicted with Sludge Bomb’s poison, it will deal increased damage. This also reduces Hex’s cooldown time.


With this Pokemon UNITE Gengar guide in mind, players should be able to haunt the opposition for years to come. With the mobile release around the corner, these tools will help Gengar be an unstoppable urban legend. Go out there and make the opponents too scared to attack.

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