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Pokemon UNITE Gardevoir Guide

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Hey trainers, hope everyone is playing smart on the lanes today. In order to secure a victory, players have to stay strong, but most importantly, think smart. Kind of like a psychic type, and that is what this guide will be covering today. This Pokemon UNITE Gardevoir guide will show trainers how to truly defeat the brawn of the enemy team with brains.


Gardevoir is a psychic/fairy-type ranged attacker. Here are their stats:

Offense: 4 1/2 stars

Endurance: 1 1/2 stars

Mobility: 1 1/2 stars

Scoring: 3 stars

Support: 1 1/2 stars

Gardevoir has a lot of power, but they are annoyingly squishy. It is recommended that until the mid-game phase of the game, Gardevoir players stay clear and focus on farming up their health and EXP. Once players evolve into Kirlia, help with fights, but stay near support or defender so that the result turns out in your favor. Now, it is time for this Pokemon UNITE Gardevoir guide to go over the items and moves needed for mind to win over matter.


Battle Item- Eject Button

This should not be a surprise. The eject button will help stack on Teleport in the early game and continue to provide an easy escape in the mid to late game phases. However, time this well, or the cooldown will hang you out to drive when you really need it.

Held Items:

Special Attack Specs.:

This item will permanently increase Gardevoir’s special attack after scoring a goal. This will help capitalize on Gardevoir’s immense offensive capability.

Focus Band:

This item will restore 11% of the health it lost for 3 seconds when Gardevoir reaches low HP. While this is good for keeping Gardevoir in the fight, another item you can substitute this with is Shell Bell, which will recover 45% of Gardevoir’s HP whenever it hits a move. This might even be better in combination with Special Attack Specs.

Float Stone:

This will increase Gardevoir’s movement speed outside of combat and increase Gardevoir’s attack, compounding with Special Attack Specs.

Best Moves


Attacks a designated area 3 times. This move’s cooldown decreases each time one of these attacks hits the enemy. The upgraded version of Psyshock has increased damage. This can help compound damage in a team fight and help other team members clear the way to score.


Has Gardevoir shoot out energy while moving back to create distance and help aid escape. Moonblast deals damage in a cone and leaves the enemy closest to you unable to act for a short time. When Gardevoir reaches level 14 and this move upgrades, Moonblast will grant the user a shield.


Though Gardevoir is one of the harder picks to master, it is satisfying once a player pulls it off. As long as it stays protected, Gardevoir can be a special attacking monster helping your team get to victory. Go on trainers! Play smart and secure the goals needed to win.

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