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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Abilities: Time to Nuke

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Abilities

The first post-launch Pokemon has been revealed and released for Pokemon Unite in Gardevoir. This will be a Pokemon that certainly can dish out damage and do so from ranged. With Venusaur currently not fulfilling the “mage” archetype, it seems as though Gardevoir will be able to do that easily. Now people are probably wondering, what are the Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Abilities? Here is a list of them and what they do.

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Below is each ability and when the player will get them. This includes what they do but does not suggest which one to take. That will be in a future build piece.

Basic Attack & Passive

Synchronize – Mirrors any received slows and damage-over-time hindrances back at the attacker.

Basic Attack – Every third attack deals area damage and reduces the Sp. Def of all opponents hit for a short time.

Early Levels (1 & 3)

Confusion – 4.5s Cooldown – Shoots a psychic blast straight forward.

Teleport – 11s Cooldown – Warps to a nearby area and boosts the next basic attack.

Mid Levels (6 & 8)

Psyshock – 10s Cooldown – Shoots three psychic blasts straight forward. Each impact reduces this move’s cooldown.
Upgrade: Increased damage.

Future Sight – 9s Cooldown – Sets a delayed explosion. If it hits, its cooldown gets reduced.
Upgrade: Instant cooldown on hit.

Psychic – 7s Cooldown – Shoots a ball of energy that explodes at distance, or upon impact, slowing opponents in an area.
Upgrade: Reduced cooldown.

Moonblast – 6s Cooldown – Leaps back and throws a blast of psychic energy, stunning the first opponent hit and damaging others in a cone.
Upgrade: Grants a shield.

Unite Move (10)

Fairy Singularity – Warps space into an infinitesimal point, pulling opponents toward the singularity before exploding and displacing them.

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